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50 Reasons Why Anwar Ibrahim Cannot Become Prime Minister(Part 1) February 14, 2009

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FOR those who might have missed out the infamous court case involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who was charged with sodomy and subsequently convicted of the offence some 10 years ago, below are some of the excerpts taken from the famous book titled ’50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister”.

The book was published by Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan, who is now the deputy executive chairman of Islam Hadhari Program, at the Prime Minister’s Department.

The book had led to the investigations into Anwar’s sodomy activities, abuse of power and cronyism and caused his downfall as Deputy Prime Minister and sacking from Umno.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who was the Special Branch director at that time, headed the investigations team.

Below are some of the excerpts.

(From the book by Khalid Jafri originally written in Malay. This book is now banned in Malaysia. Now translated into English.)
Khairuddin Abu Hassan is the cousin of Anwar Ibrahim, while the late Sulaiman Palestine was his uncle. Sulaiman Palestine was one of the founding fathers and the fourth longest UMNO member. He was one of those UMNO veterans responsible for inviting Anwar into UMNO and shaping his political career. Khairuddin once said that before Sulaiman passed away, he left a prophecy. The prophecy says that Dr. Mahathir shall not appoint Anwar as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. As long as Anwar is in UMNO, the party will be in jeopardy. Dr. Mahathir was instead asked to appoint Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Foreign Minister) or Sanusi Junid (Chief Minister of Kedah) as Prime Minister if Dr. Mahathir wishes to save UMNO, the Malays and the country.
After five years of being the Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President, Anwar Ibrahim now pose a new dilemma in the party and the country’s leadership.
Anwar’s failure to tackle the economic issues since he assumed the Minister of Finance position five years ago, is becoming clear to the people that he cannot be entrusted to follow through and make Vision 2020 concept a success for the country and its people.
Instead of doing his job, Anwar interfered with the Prime Minister in other administrative matters that are way outside his jurisdiction and responsibility.
It is as if Anwar wants to challenge the extraordinary capabilities of Dr. Mahathir, his brilliant leadership, his futuristic vision and his abilities to expertly handle national and global issues.
Due to the persistent failures of Anwar in the past five years, Dr. Mahathir deserves the opportunity of a new deputy and successor.
As such, leaders and UMNO members who are concerned about the party’s struggles must demand that the Deputy Prime Minister and the UMNO Deputy President be replaced to a leader who is more productive, not power and money crazy and not behave as if he is already the Prime Minister.
In short, moral obligations must be taken into consideration besides other values like sincerity and honesty of the leader.
The wave of change must however be about the conscience of the party continuity and ingenuity. It is up to UMNO members to find the right solution. This is important since the responsibility to handle the change in leadership is solely for the UMNO Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister position.
As the backbone of Barisan Nasional, UMNO is responsible to formulate a meaningful destiny. This can only be achieved if all parties are sincere and willing to accept the fact that the number two leader which was chosen five years ago cannot be entrusted upon to preserve and protect the religion, the party, the people and the country.
Otherwise, internal conflicts will always exist and the commitments to the country’s bright and successful future under the leadership of Dr. Mahathir will be tarnished and destroyed by Anwar whom we have put our trust without knowing the factual truth about his background.
Actually UMNO members do not know much about Anwar. He is still regarded as an outsider and his sudden appearance in UMNO attracts lots of bad interpretations. Anwar’s arrival as an UMNO leader is just like the emergence of Tun Perak in the Melaka Sultanate during the rule of Sultan Muzaffar Shah in the 14th century.

In the beginning, Tun Perak was only the administrator of the Kelang territories representing the Sultan of Melaka. Later he became the Deputy Prime Minister in Melaka. The Prime Minister at the time was Bendahara Seri Nara DiRaja. Tun Perak however, wished to seek more power and authority although he was already in a very high position in the Melaka government.



1. First Born - February 14, 2009

waiting for part 2 with a palpitating heart. when? can’t wait. any copy around where i can lay my hand on?

2. PRO-DEMOCARCY - February 15, 2009

at least the write shed some lights on us on anwar’s past misdeeds. we want to know more please

3. harakiri - February 15, 2009

itu perkara sudah lepas, the past. we shud look at the future.sekurangnya anwar check and balance on present government supya there are no abuses of power by the bn leaders

4. Wan Suhaimy - April 21, 2009

Sila berbual dengan graduan tahun 70an-80an dari Universiti Malaya,apa Annuar lakukan setiap pesta dan dengan pelajar baru?

5. anak perelih - September 29, 2009

This same Datuk Khairuddin will be marrying actress Umie Aida….

6. anak perelih - September 29, 2009

and he was well rewarded for his role in publishing the 50 dalil book… with 2 KLSE listed company under him…

7. Hafiz Ismail - March 31, 2011

pada pendapat saya,
i) menyebarluaskan fitnah dan
ii) laporan tanpa analisis yang adil mahupun integriti,
bukanlah “contributing towards a better Malaysia”.
quite the opposite.

8. mieszkania dla młodych - May 22, 2014

An intriguing discussion is definitely worth comment. I do believe that you
should write more on this subject, it might not be a taboo subject
but generally people don’t discuss such topics.
To the next! Many thanks!!

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