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Penang Malays Are The Big Losers Under PR Rule February 26, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Penang.
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Penang Malays are actually the big losers under the Pakatan-Rakyat State Government.

I pity them as their Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng through the Penang Development Coporation (PDC) of which he is the chairman is acquiring more and more land belonging to the Malays for geo-political reasons i.e. to strengthen the position of his Chinese voters.

Balik Pulau, where Malay-owned land is abundance and considered as the last bastion of Malays on the Penang island, has been the target of Lim’s subtle but effective policy to force the Malays out of their own land through land acquisition by the state government.

Lim will acquire Malay land in the area and hand it over to companies owned by the Chinese for the development of houses beyond the reach of the Malays. That is his strategy now.

In fact, five parcels of land acquired by the previous Barisan’s state government for Penang Islamic Religious Council have yet to be surrendered by Lim’s to the council.

The land is meant for wakaf purposes, which literally means, for the future benefits of the Muslim community in Penang.

Based on my findings, Lim is using his power as the Chief Minister to hold back the land as he sees that it will only benefit the Malays and not the Chinese.

Lim also issued an order to demolish 80 stalls along the state’s tourism belt of Batu Ferringhi which belong to Malay petty traders on Monday. He also ordered the dismissal of Malay staff in PDC and Penang Library Corporation. His reasons – they did not perform. The funny thing is that these staff had been working for more than 10 years and the question of performance did not arise before this.

I hope the Malays will wake up from their slumber. They are fighting a losing battle against Lim as he is determined to fortify his position in Penang at their expense.



1. Tam Dalyell - February 26, 2009

What are the Malays of PKR and PAS doing? Arn’t they suppose to look after the Malay half of the PR bargain?

Oh sorry. I forget that the Malays of PKR and PAS has been assimilated into the ketuanan cina of DAP.

So solli. Vely sooli.

2. Zaribeni - February 26, 2009

Nice post! Keep it real.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

3. Anonymous - February 27, 2009

DAP is a “multiracial party” or so it claims to be. There all kinds of apologists out there who buy all sound bites emanating from that party vis-a-vis equality, transparency, honesty or whaever else you can think of that make it look good.

As a matter of fact, the Malays have been losing land since quite long ago. No more “pokok beras” in Bayan Lepas, where once you could see lush padi fields worked by the Malays. Now Malays are put in ‘new villages” in Penang. The DAP is only extending a policy that has long been used successfully to get the Malays off their land.

Can we expect more from this “Khalifah Umar”? The one enthusiastically endorsed as such by PAS and PKR? Well, we shall see.


4. Unblocking Internet | Unlock Everything - February 27, 2009

[…] Penang Malays Are The Big Losers Under PR Rule […]

5. Anonymous - December 2, 2010

Really? Malays are ALREADY ON THE LOSING END with UMNO, especially they are always told that they can’t survive without NEP and UMNO. Doesn’t that make the malays the NEW WEAKLINGS OF ASIA

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