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While Anwar celebrated……… May 12, 2010

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It was a good day in court for Anwar and Karpal. The defence team pointed out clearly that there was a discrepancy in the wording of the charge sheet and in the accuser’s statements. The former said, “consensual sex against the order of nature,” while Saiful’s testimony reads, “non-consensual sex against the order of nature.”

The legal profession is so fine that a single word can throw a case into disarray. That was what Karpal and company were trying to achieve. They managed to convince the judge that the absence of the little word “non” was enough to warrant an adjournment to consider the request to impeach Saiful’s testimony.

There were scenes of celebration. Anwar whooped with joy and patted his lawyers on the back for a job well done. Outside the court room, his supporters were claiming victory, telling anybody who would listen that the witness would be impeached and the charges dropped.

In fact, Anwar had cause to celebrate from the beginning. For the first time since Sodomy II began, PAS president Hj. Hadi was present at the court. Having gone through Monday without a single DAP or PAS leader around to support him, Anwar must surely have been gladdened by Hadi’s presence.

DAP leaders have been there because one of their own was leading the defence team. But for Hadi to be there as a show of support? This was a bonus.

But while Anwar and gang celebrated, Hj. Hadi sat grim faced, slightly aloof and apart from the celebrations. Wasn’t he happy that the case could see a premature end and PAS and Anwar could get back to the real task at hand of bringing down the Umno-led federal government?

One can only guess that Hadi being Hadi, he was a little apprehensive about premature celebration. Ok, surely the dropping of the charges against Anwar for the absence of the “non” word was good news? Or was Hadi truly bothered that it was JUST about the absence of that one word – “non”.

The thing is the defence is arguing that while the charge sheet says the “sex against the order of nature” (read: anal sex) was “consensual”, Saiful had actually stated in his testimony that the “sex against the order of nature” (read again: anal sex) was “non-consensual”.

Despite not being legally trained, or maybe because he isn’t legally trained, Hadi was perhaps the first in the Anwar camp to realize the news wasn’t as rosy as it seemed. Here were Anwar and Karpal celebrating because they managed to convince everyone in court that the “sex against the act of nature” was actually consensual and not non-consensual as alleged by Saiful.

Basically, they were celebrating because while Saiful was alleging sodomy, the prosecution was only alleging homosexuality. Discrepancy! “Your honour, my client may be a homosexual, but he is certainly not a sodomite as being alleged by the witness!”

Doesn’t take a legal mind to see this could be a potential problem for PAS. Let’s not even talk about sodomy here. How does one defend a homosexual when Islam expressly forbids it? No wonder Hadi was not smiling….even if Anwar was laughing.



1. Anonymous - May 13, 2010

Perghh… it is not over until it is over.

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