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The Truth Will Set You Free April 20, 2010

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There seems to be only one reason for PKR to exist, and that is to ensure that Anwar Ibrahim becomes the next prime minister.  To achieve this, all is well in PKR – lies, deception, evil and even ‘dancing with the devils.’
That is why we see many PKR supporters opting to violence when campaigning for its candidate – Mr Maverick Zaid Ibrahim.  All is well, dirty tactics, putting blame on others and even befriending the Devils.  Malaysians still remember how Anwar admitted to his links with the Devils in ensuring that Malaysia plunged to the worst ever level in economic crisis.
Malaysians also remember how Anwar admitted to his link with another maverick and number one mastermind to the invasion of Iraq – Paul Wolfowitz, former number one man of the World Bank and a Jew boy.
Wolfowitz was then the United States Deputy Secretary of Defence.  There were three main reasons to the invasion of Iraq, firstly because there was abundance of oil, secondly Iraq had a large amount of water to support Israel and thirdly because there were so many scientists in Iraq who were thought to be detrimental to Israel in terms of warfare technology and sophisticated weapons.
Former PKR Youth leader, Ezam Mohd Nor also confirmed that he saw Wolfowitz visiting Anwar when the latter was undergoing treatment in Munich.  Anwar announced to the world then that Wolfowitz and he had a very close relationship.  Both men were instrumental to the establishing of the Foundation for Future, developed to oversee United States’ interest and hegemony status remained relevant in the Middle East.
So everyone knows when maverick Anwar Ibrahim made a big deal when opposing the government’s business relationship with APCO, it was yet another gesture to cover up his own devilish misdemeanours.
He started firing missiles just as when news broke out that the Hulu Selangor Member of Parliament had passed away.  He knew that something must be done to distract the rakyat from major issues like the ‘little pharaohs’ and the resignation of his close friends from PKR.
Those who resigned were truly close friends who stood up for Anwar when he was dismissed from his post in the government.  They were ardent followers who shared a same vision that the next prime minister would be none other than Anwar.
But all of them left.  A maverick Anwar Ibrahim truly is, and when he announced Zaid Ibrahim as PKR’s choice to contest the Hulu Selangor by-election, he has only one thing in mind – to fortify him during those hard times defending his sodomy trial.  Zaid too knows well that he is being used.  Well both are mavericks in their own ways.
The truth will set you free. True enough, Anwar is slowly losing his grip as more and more of his supporters are leaving.
They are leaving for good.  Even PAS’s supporters are critical of Anwar Ibrahim’s choice – Zaid Ibrahim, because of a multitude of confrontation between them.  Words are circulating that Zaid too is an ultra liberal and cares less of issues pertaining to Islam.
The PR government in Selangor too, had been delved with controversies and is loosing grip.  More and more incidents of their handling showed that they cared less about consensus.  Slowly people are coming to their senses and beginning to understand that the PR alliance is a frail and fragile one – meant to be broken in due time.
In contrast, the BN coalition, bonded with a strong and clear vision, is regaining support and ultimately is set to mark more triumphs in any by-elections to come.  The next General Elections will be on in a year and a half.  Blessed with a history of a more sturdy foundation, the BN is set to rectify whatever glitches they had been facing.
MIC, MCA and UMNO alike have been facing with a series of issues among their party members to the point that they were embroiled with internal fracas.  But all came to a common point of rectification for the sole purpose of unity and progress.
This is what Anwar and PR failed to see.



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