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Star’s exaggeration = OTK’s desperation March 25, 2010

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The Star’s headlines today (25th March 2010) screamed “Tee Keat all for debate”. And yes, there were also seemingly endless photos of OTK in various poses and the trademark Syndrome grin (Syndrome’s the bad guy in The Invincibles cartoon movie).  Yesterday, it was the same and the day before, just as familiar.

Such stories, as were all pro Ong Tee Keat’s stories in the Star since the beginning of the MCA leadership crisis, were pegged with endless accolades and praises to the mighty MCA president for his foresight, understanding, wisdom and exemplary leadership.

On the other hand,  Star’s portrayal of Ong Ka Ting, Chua Soi Lek (both contenders for the presidency) and Liow Tiong Lai (deputy presidency candidate and OTK’s sworn enemy) has been lukewarm if not biased to the core. These 3 leaders are projected as being seemingly inadequate, blundering, arrogant and ignorant.

Outside the Star’s journalistic parameters though, the situation seems to be just the opposite. Perhaps MCA members, sick and tired of OTK’s overselling just want to put an end to the circus and instill the “greatest unity plan” to end the OTK rhetoric.

It seems that the MCA elections are a fight between The Star and the rest of the world. The Star wants to keep OTK at all costs as president while the world just wants a totally new leadership so that the Malaysian Chinese’s interests can be safeguarded. Perhaps an Ong Ka Ting and Liow partnership – a blend of old and new – can bring MCA back to glory?  Who knows.

But OTK has to go. Yesterday, he was too quick to grab the intended resignation of Perlis exco member Yip Sun Onn. OTK said he had no choice but to “follow” as the exco-rotation in Perlis arrangement was approved by the former president OKT.

Today, when Yip withdrew his resignation, OTK did an about-turn and claimed that “he (Yip) and I were voted in based on the public’s trust in us. So I do not wish to see any breach of public trust”.

Star executive deputy chairman Clement Hii, placed in the organization to do OTK’s bidding, must realize by now that there is a limit to spin doctoring. It is unwise to oversell a product that is way past its shelf life.

The good thing is for us common folks is that whatever that is concocted in Star seems to be a reflection of how precarious OTK’s position is. At the moment, the President is doomed.



1. kenspring - March 25, 2010

whoever posted this article just do not know what the hell he is talking about…maybe leading party agent who wanted OTK out of the way so that PKFZ scandal can go without anymore VVIP criminals being charged…take a good look at yourself or maybe you are one of the tainted one…..

2. KK - March 26, 2010

Ong and Liow are the nails of MCA’s coffin.

Read me clearly, I am a Malaysian Chinese and a non-supporter of race based political party.

3. James - March 27, 2010

So, when the time comes, just vote wisely. There is no need to continuously rave and rant

4. Mabel - March 27, 2010

Hi KK, I think you are a staunch supporter of OTK, but just to make my point, If the delegates voted OTK then MCA is doomed to be wipeout in the coming GE. If CSL, then we better operate a porn centre than <CA!!!

5. KK - March 30, 2010

I am not any of these guys supporter… But, Ong Ka Ting and Liow are just a pair of politicians with disgusting characteristics… Anyway, it’s amusing that Liow won the deputy president position (and, that’s showing endorsement of these nearly 1/2 of total representatives with his boneless characteristics and so it’s hopeless of this party named MCA).

Anyway, any of these three fellows wins, will never move my vote to MCA again…

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