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New Economic Model and 10th Malaysia Plan January 2, 2010

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The Federal government had drawn a new economic model that will be implemented in conjunction with the 10th Malaysian Plan. Together with the various initiatives undertaken by the government, I am sure that Malaysia will emerge stronger with positive growth this year. By doing so, I am sure that the government’s fiscal deficit will be reduced.

I am pretty sure that the government’s long-term objective is not only just to recover from the economic crisis. I am glad that the Prime Minister is convinced that it is very important to take this opportunity to lay a strong foundation for the nation’s prosperity in the future with continuous renewal.

The prime minister’s vision that Malaysia uplift itself in the global economic value chain gives us some comfort that our economy will no longer be subjected to the fluctuating prices of the commodities. The idea of creating a knowledge-based economy driven by a high capacity for creativity, innovation and adding value is terrific.
Based on what was describe, the government’s long-term initiative through a new economic model which will serve as a guide for national development towards 2020 and the years beyond. While the short and medium-term initiative is the 10th Malaysia Plan. The success of these two initiatives requires the proactive role of every Malaysian. Especially, in facing difficult moments posed by economic challenges, all Malaysians have to rise to the occasion and achieved success not by coincidence but by making wise choices.
The key to our country’s success is not just our wealth in natural resources but, more importantly, our knowledgeable human capital imbued with a strong entrepreneurial spirit in generating new wealth for the nation. Thus everyone must move forward to achieve success together as there are still many paths to travel and many challenges to be faced. The people of this country are smart, talented and high-spirited. Together, we are able bring prosperity, security, good health and good fortune for Malaysia.
Although Malaysia has not fully recovered from the economic downturn, the signs indicate that we are moving out of the gloom. There is a positive gross domestic product growth from the fourth quarter of 2009. Based on our past records and achievements have given us confidence that Malaysia will not only recover from the economic crisis, but will also emerge stronger economically and more prosperous in the post-crisis era.
Taking into consideration that Malaysia had proven herself in situations as in the 1980s when commodity prices dropped sharply, and during the Asian financial storm of the late 1990s. We are confident that the government had implemented a road map towards building a stronger banking and financial sector for the country. As a result, this time, we were saved when many countries were hit hard by the economic crisis due to the failure of their banking and financial systems.
All Malaysians must be courageous and firm in effecting change and renewal for continued prosperity. We must all make sacrifice so that we are able to raise productivity, competitiveness and mastery of new skills.
All Malaysians must appreciate that the global economic crisis had compelled the government to prioritize things to bring the country back to optimal economic growth. Concrete measures, such as the economic stimulus injection of RM67 billion, tabling an additional budget, liberalizing selected sectors, creating employment, providing comfortable homes, improving public transport and restructuring subsidies. The contribution of every Malaysian is vital in ensuring success. There is no Malaysian who is not important or is marginalized. The government must recognize this fact and welcomes every talent. It will be a shameful waste if a talent that is honed under the Malaysian sky is used by other nations especially our neighboring country like Singapore.
The government had set six National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) are set. These NKRAs involve reducing crime rates, combating corruption, widening access to affordable and quality education, improving infrastructure in rural and remote areas, and upgrading public transport. As expected, the government had given the opportunity for the citizens to air their views and ideas on these NKRAs as well as identify new ones that will make Malaysia a better place to live.
In a nut shell, all Malaysians should rise to the occasion and not let little insignificant issues hinder nation building. All patriotic Malaysians should refrain from making publics statements that will enrage the general public irrespective of their race and religion. Having being a nation for half a century, Malaysians should be matured enough to handle unfavorable court decisions in the proper legal approach instead of making public statements that will further deteriorate the situation and disrupt nation building!



1. MacMamat - January 2, 2010

A well written piece but hopefully the government can carry out the plan effectively to ensure the desired outcome can be achieve. More often than not, Malaysians are very good in planning but during implementation they fumble and make a big mess of the whole thing.

2. Franky Foo - January 2, 2010

Come on, be more optimistic and give the government more credit! They may have fumble in some case but otherwise they are doing quite fine! At least give them the chance and if they can’t perform, then we kick them out in the 13 PRU!

3. Percaya Kepada Tuhan - January 4, 2010

PETALING JAYA: PKR’s Kulim Ban-dar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin and PAS’ Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad have challenged each other to resign over the use of the word “Allah” issue.
Writing in his blog, Zulkifli said Khalid should quit for saying it was all right for people of other beliefs to use the word Allah.
He said Khalid’s opinion was not in line with Islamic principles upheld by PAS.
Khalid, when contacted, said it was Zulkifli who should resign for his “narrow-minded” views.
This little quarrel was publish in The Star, I believe what ever was used in their prayers whether Christian or Muslim or even Buddhist, they have in their own way profess their faith. If the Christians wants to pray to Allah, then let them. They are the ones who is losing out cos they are praying to our Muslim god! When they, say Allah has got son or sons then we arrest them for spreading false information about Islam! So, why kick up a big fuss over little things! The Indonesian Christians and were using Allah in their prayers all these while yet it didn’t confused the Muslim in those two areas! Lets be rational and keep to our faith. And I believe Allah will change the heart of the wrong doers in his own way!

4. Rakyat - January 11, 2010

The word Allah is an Arabic word also used by Christians in countries like Saudi Arabia and Dubai, so why are non-muslims not allowed to use a word that is not owned or created by this country ? It is surprising to notice that most of our Muslim brothers and sisters feels offended and do not know that the word “Allah” is the Arabic word “God”. Do we realize that the word “Allah” does not belong exclusively to the Muslims and that it has always been used before (and after) Islam by the Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians when they speak about God. I hope all of us can find time to look for something positive and worthy of appreciation in the values, cultures and histories of other peoples. Sad to say, we in Malaysia after more than 50 years of independence, is still struggling for creation of national unity. Everybody including the expert have been talking but mere rhetoric of no substance except to secure political popular support. The failure is purely because of ego for not wanting to make significant sacrifices for the future generation to live in harmony, deserve to call TRUE MALAYSIAN. We can’t blame the religion but the corrupt minds of people who manipulate the religion to their own whims.

5. Skeptic - January 17, 2010

Recently a lot was announce by our deputy prime minister about education. I hope he and his team would not mess up the current pre school education to an extend that the good work done by the private pre schools like what they have done to the current government primary schools. They need to understand that its not all about money, its about the passion to teach and teach well not about race and religion! Worst of all its not about politics and apple polishing!

6. Delmdeddy - January 26, 2011

mengapa tidak:)

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