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The Chinese Syndrome December 18, 2009

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After a long spell of washing dirty linen in public, MCA top guns have now realised that they are not getting the support they thought they had all this while.

After the bitter war of words in recent months, they still have to settle their conflict at a “round table.” Do you think that the 21 Central Committee members will resign? Or will those who resign make way for the new election dictated by CSL and OTK? Everyone knows that both are cunning and deceiving.

Given their track records, they emerged as men with no principle and will never honor their words.

The emergency central committee meeting chaired by deputy president CSL reached an accord to postpone the imminent AGM and form a committee to evaluate issues pertaining to fresh party elections. But is there really a need for the central committee to do so when the delegates had sacked him as MCA number two?

How can OTK retain CSL as the Deputy President? Moreover the delegates had also stated clearly that they no longer needed OKT to lead the party. And OTK himself stated that if he cannot get the 2/3 mandate from the delegates, he will resign. So, how can anyone trust him if he now turns around claiming that the delegates actually needed 2/3 majority to oust him!

Sin Chew reported that the resolutions achieved at the CC meeting have allowed the party leadership to once again regain its long lost smile. Leaders of opposing factions are now able to sit together in a joint press conference, something unimaginable since the October 10 EGM.

Honestly, nobody thinks the top two MCA leaders can work with others. Or can they garner sufficient support since both had proven to be untrustworthy and conniving?

Sin Chew reported that although OTK  had absented himself from the meeting through a doctor’s MC, the fact that other key leaders had sat together has at least made party members and the Chinese community in general believe that a ray of hope has indeed dawned on the current impasse. But will the Chinese community buy this?

Don’t think that they do not know that it is all just a “sandiwara semasa”.

If all these acts are genuine, there will be no more the need for UMNO to dip its hands into MCA’s affairs, and there will be no more frustration for the Chinese community,  and the prolonged power struggle will very soon be resolved through to a fresh party elections.

Obviously common understanding has been achieved among the feuding factions, and although the top two leaders still disagree, more than two thirds of CC members have agreed to hold fresh polls to break the current deadlock. This shows that they have given in to the will and aspirations of members and not to allow a handful of party leaders to manipulate the party.

As reported by Sin Chew, developments following the October 10 EGM have been way beyond expectations of the general public. While OTK was recuperating on a hospital bed and was not able to chair the central committee meeting, there is a strong likelihood that even his presence then would not make a difference.

Judging from the strengths of OTK, CSL and LTL, it is apparent that the president is the underdog at this moment. His failure to chair a crucial CC meeting has been interpreted as lacking courage to face up to the occasion. In fact, no matter how hard OTK has attempted to explain, it is simply impractical for a party president who has been served with a vote of no-confidence to continue leading the party’s million-strong members. Postponing the AGM and holding fresh elections can never be decided by a handful of people. Although not every CC member accepts these resolutions, more than two thirds have made up their minds to rid the party of its chronic predicament.

Now that all three opposing factions have reached an agreement, no one should raise any objection lest more havoc be wrought upon MCA.

Looking at the current scenario, CSL seemed to be emerging as the biggest gainer in the issue. What interests the pubic is how the candidates vote in the upcoming polls. Whether LTL will seek to make greater advances through the elections to be able to serve the party more effectively since the top two are unable to do so – or the Youth and Wanita wings will also hold concurrent fresh elections –  will very much dictate all their fates,.

After having suffered the full impact of the current crisis, wisdom on the part of everyone, leaders and members alike, is paramount to prevent MCA from continuing to be a laughing stock.

And as a start, the top two rejected clowns should step down gracefully and allow MCA to be rejuvenated by an honest, stronger and acceptable team. If not, the circus will never end…..



1. China Man - December 27, 2009

Why don’t you just leave OTK alone. At least he has the guts to put the PKFZ fiasco in the open and try to bring the corupt to justice! Unlike his predecessors wjo are alny all talk!

2. Pakatan Forever - December 27, 2009

Ya, I am sure its going to be another Penang fisaco if he continue to lead MCA. Like Gerakan and Koh, he will hand over the federal government to Pakatan Rakyat. But who knows, the Pakatan Government might do better!

3. Jimmy - December 28, 2009

I think OTK should just step down gracefully like his predecessors instead of trying to hold on to power. So far he has done nothing much except creating some storm in the tea cup! I believe Liowcan do a better job despite not getting much support from the Porn Star!

4. GrassRoot - December 29, 2009

Isn’t it odd that pitiful clowns like OKT and CSL still hovering in the MCA? They don’t see eye to eye most times because they knew each other well and each other can read the other’s moves without having to articulate the reason why. We trust that the truth will out, the sooner the better, disentangling legitimate issues from any hidden motives in bitter politicking!

5. Malaysian Chinese - December 30, 2009

I agree with you guys,the dishonest OTK and the Pron Star CSL should both leave MCA and give the party a fighting chance in the coming general election. That is if they really love the party and community. In ancient time, the porn star would have been drowned in a “chee loong” (pig cage) and the dishonest guy would have been punish will 100 slaps!

6. Francis Jew - January 10, 2010

Burung Tiong is most suitable to be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak.
White Hair can steal billions from the people without being touched by the MACC.Then his kaki tangan can invest in him to reap long term benefits.
Burung Tiong is untouchable. He can take 12.5 billion without being touched.He can give 10 million without being touched.
The only person who can touch him is his personal assistant and lawyer Ms Lau of Sibu

7. Francis Jew - January 14, 2010

Responses to “Ong vs Tiong: Feb 24 date set for RM500 mil. suit against Ong!”
Tiong has a personal lawyer attached to him for many years.As Tiong is uneducated in the legal language formats she read through all the legal jargon and then Tiong would sign it with 100% trust.
She got her basic LLB from London and her CLP from Australia.
She is the best female lawyer in Sibu even at the young age of 41 years old.
In order to lead the team of Queen’s Counsels in defending the above case she has resigned from Tiong’s firm.Her own newly set up firm would play the leading role in the legal defense of the century.
She has also sold the TV rights and the film rights to the film
titled “Clash of the Legal Titians”

8. yao siew lian - February 16, 2010

ALL Chinese people for 7000 years have put paramount importance on the concept of ” HAVING FACE ” Even if they are dirt poor they would have a good red wedding for their children or a good white funeral for their dead ancestors.All their friends and relatives would give them red packet money or white packet money to maintain their FACE for the community.They would return the same favor to their benefactors in future.
Let me compare the greatest modern politicians of modern day China.
1) Sun Yat Seng give FACE to the Chinese People for his great work in taking China back from foreign devils.
He gave FACE to the Chinese people.
2)Mao Tze Tung give FACE to the Chinese People for his great work in making China a strong nation again.
He gave FACE to the Chinese people.
3)Deng Siew Ping give FACE to the Chinese People for his great work in making China the second largest economy in the world within ten years.
He gave FACE to the Chinese people.
Let me compare the infamous modern politicians of modern day Malaysia.
1)Ong Tee Kiat was accused of taking 10 million ringgit corruption money.He did not give FACE to the Chinese people.
2)Chua Soi Lek was accused of having oral sex with somebody’s wife.He did not give FACE to the Chinese people.
3)Liow Tiong Lai was accused of taking a free RM 600,000 luxury car from a corrupted contractor.He did not give FACE to the Chinese people.

A infamous Chinese politician called Tiong King Sing stole RM 12.5 billion from the people.
If he did the same thing in China he would be dragged to the execution ground and be shot with a bullet at the back of his ear.Tiong King Sing used the law to cover himself.
He is telling all the future nations that if you want to steal from the country..You must steal enough to buy off your persecutors.
This country is a land of milk and honey for Chinese.

9. Yao Siew Lian - February 25, 2010

Cawat politicians are not capable of cheating the people of 12.5 billion ringgit.Cawat people are good in hunting birds with the blowpipe,catching prawns in small dugout fishing boats with hooks and hand made nets. They collect jungle products like rattan and belian ferns with the parang.They practice shifting cultivation and they catch wild boars with the help of dogs from the jungle.They are not capable of going out to the deep sea for catching big quantities of big fishes in a big trawler and or involve in running major con man enterprises.They simply do not have the means and capability of doing such a big and complicated task.
Look at the following cawat politicians..
Penghulu Tawi Sli had the position of Chief Minister of Sarawak.When he left he had nothing more than an extra piece of cawat cloth.Leo Moggie had a the position of Federal Minister.When he left he had nothing more than an extra set of golf sticks which is not uscable in the longhouse. Look at Patai Rubis the former Heatln Director and my former boss.When he left he had nothing more than a shaved botak head.Idris Jala has the position of CEO of MAS.When he left he had nothing more than a Datuk title which has no monetary value in his longhouse.Look at Mawan fighting hard for his rights.When he left he will have nothing more than a sack of white bawang from China as a parting gift from china man Tiong King Sing.I never believe that Stephen Abok is capable of cheating 12.5 billion from PKFZ.He simply do not have the means and capability of doing such a big and complicated task.
I a West Malaysian who have served in Sarawak for 30 years.I am asking all Sarawakian Foochows ” Lakian A pen he lay ching f Mah? Then nen A seng sing “.In English it means ” Can a jungle man cheat so much money? Who will ever believe ? ”
Yes,Yes,Yes who will trust him in the first place,,

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