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Anwar Ready to Seek Political Asylum December 2, 2009

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Have you heard or read about the Goldstone report? The 526-page report was prepared by a Jew detailing the atrocities by Israel against the Palestinians during the 22-day Gaza war. The war resulted in the death of about 1,600 innocent Palestinians.

Surprisingly, the report was prepared by one South African former judge, Richard Goldstone, who is a Jew.

The report was based on solid evidence and interviews with over 200 eye-witnesses who were directly involved in the 22-day carnage. Proofs were also gathered through video footages, photographs, and satellite images as well as from 300 other recordings. The report had sent shiver down the spine of the Israeli Government.

However, it will never be debated at the United Nations Security Council because Israel’s big brother, Uncle Sam, as usual will veto the proposal for a debate.

The Goldstone report is akin to the proofs and evidence gathered by the prosecution team for Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial next month. Anwar through his pool of lawyers are making a last-ditch attempt to delay and strike out the sodomy charge against him.

Unlike the Goldstone case, the PKR leader will never get his way as the prosecution team is well-prepared to send him behind bars. Anwar knows very well that the prosecutors have a very strong case against him and his defence in court will just be merely denial and another theory of conspiracy.

In fact, Anwar is ready to seek political asylum should he be convicted of the case. He will never let himself be jailed for the second time as it spells doom for his Parti Keadialan Rakyat which is now suffering from non-stop ‘internal bleeding.’ He is also shoring up support and sympathy from the Middle-East in preparation for the trial.

Anwar has been very quiet of late and worried over the sodomy trial as he knew that his time is already up. He also failed to stop the exodus of comrades leaving the party. Some of them had even launched stinging attacks against him and labeled him as a hypocrite leader.

To date, at least 20 top guns in PKR had either left Anwar and the party, resigned or declared themselves as Independent state reps. And many believe the list does not stop there.

Among the top leaders had lost confidence in Anwar and the party were:

• Chandra Muzaffar (Veep)

• Anwar’s ex-political secretary Ezam Mohd Noor (youth chief)

• Ruslan Kassim (information chief)

• Datuk S. Nallakarupan (supreme council member)

• Neil Onn (wanita chief)

• Mrina Yusof (veep)

• Mohd Annuar Tahir (secretary-general)

• Abdul Rahman Osman (treasurer-general)

• Anuar Shaari (former political secretary)

• Lokman Noor Adam (youth secretary)

• Muhammad Zahid Md Arip (youth vice-chief)

• Hamdan Taha (PKR election deputy director)

• Faridatul Azlina Ahmad Tanjizi (Ipoh wanita information chief)

Those who resigned from the party included state reps V. Arumugam (Bukit Selambau). Mohd Farius Khairuddin (Penanti) and the latest PKR bigwigs being Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan (veep) and Christina Liew (supreme council member).

In fact, Anwar’s victim, Mohd Saiful Bahari, just can’t wait to take the stand in court and spill the beans on Anwar.  Only those gullible will still believe in Anwar and his Conspiracy Theory.



1. mental - December 2, 2009

Great pice especially the list of names

2. PKR Forever - December 3, 2009

You seemed to be bashing PKR but let’s wait and see what will happen during the 13th PRU. As the saying goes, the one who laugh last laugh best!

3. Mak - December 5, 2009

At least the Jews are brave enough to allow a report to be written about the atrocities commited by Jews. How come UMNO is too cowardly to allow the same?

4. Anak Malaysia - December 7, 2009

Look at it in proper perspective, UMNO is the only political party brave enough to state openly that they are looking after the Malay’s interest and actually doing it. Look at the others, MCA, claim to be championing the Chinese’s interest but doing nothing about it, MIC is the same! PAS, PKR and DAP don’t know what they are trying to do???

5. Rhino Rin - December 7, 2009

I think we should repeat this doa. J.Jun, this is my way of saying amiin.
By your Name O Allah, please accord divine assistance to the meek.
By your Name O Allah, please cloud up the ways of DAP the gog and magog of my country.
By your name O Allah, please plug up the conduits of DAP the gog and magog of this land.
By the Name of Allah the god of all Messiahs and Prophets may your deceptions falls on you yourself O DAP the gog and magog of this nation.
By the sovereignty of your most Excelent Names O Allah may DAP the gog and magog of this soil be crippled, disabled or paralyzed.
By the Greatest of Your Names, please stop this DAP, this scourge, these sons of gog and magog.
Dengan nama Allah (Ba Mim Alif) … dipohonkan bantuan bagi kaum yang (mengaku) kelemahan diri.

Dengan nama Allah (Ba Mim Alif) … gelap seluruh sudut mu hai DAP Juj Ma’juj Malaysia.

Dengan nama Allah (Ba Mim Alif) … tersumbat seluruh rongga mu hai DAP Juj Ma’juj Malayusia.

Dengan Nama Tuhan bagi sekelian Nabi dan Rasul a.s.w.s.; perdaya dirimu hai DAP Juj Ma’juj Malaysia.

Demi keagungan Asma-u-lhusna Mu, Engkau lumpuhkanlah DAP Juj Ma’juj Malaysia.

Dengan haq Ismul ‘Adzam Semuga Allah sekat segala jalan DAP Juj Ma’juj Malaysia

6. Kenn - December 18, 2009
7. shazlan - February 3, 2010

what bloody racism are you talking about Kenn?? Look into your magic mirror, look deep inside the image in magic mirror…then tell yourself how lucky you are…tak kenang dik untung punya manusia!!

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