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Lim Guan Eng Runs Out Of Steam November 29, 2009

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Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is running out of idea. He is perturbed and feeling disconcerted over the re-emergence of Barisan Nasional. The 1Malaysia, Prime Minister for all Malaysians’ catchphrases introduced by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak since he took over the Premiership in April are sweeping across the country and getting down well with the people.

Najib is also articulate at international forums and platforms and his ability to attract US investors during his recent visit to the US is disturbing not only Guan Eng but his comrades in Pakatan Rakyat including his father Kit Siang and PKR de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Of late, the Pakatan blokes are worried over the not so good publicity and media hype about the turmoil in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. Anwar has now become a big liability to PR as his sodomy trial is looming. Anwar’s PKR will lose ground if he is convicted and the people will not believe him and his conspiracy theory anymore.

PAS is another headache with the ongoing media bashing against the Tok Guru over his son-in-law and PBMK isue, his controversial Haj sponsored trip and the latest being the power struggle in PAS Kelantan.

These issues are real and Guan Eng is speechless and lost for words on how to deal with them. In fact, he could not even defend himself over the controversial land conversion concern which he had been dodging over the past two weeks. He is hoping that the issue will disappear in thin air.

Lim has now become dim-witted. A friend of mine in Penang recently sent me a test message which made me wonder why Lim had stooped so low in his fight against BN.

I was told that Lim had issued a directive to all state agencies, local councils and departments under his jurisdiction not to put up advertisements in print and electronic media aligned and friendly to Barisan Nasional, except The Star. The order was his latest strategy to fight BN.

We all know why The Star was given the exception. The Star in Penang had been helping Lim to promote his ideologies, the state government’s policies and jingles as well as Lim’s political struggles and doctrine. Many know who is behind The Star in Penang and why this bloke is using the newspaper to help Lim. He was handpicked by The Star Editor-In-Chief Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai to lead Penang. He succeeded Anna Cheah who retired after more than 30 years in The Star.

I was told that this bloke had accessed to Guan Eng’s office and home and the latter would only accept his calls and not from other reporters or editors based in Penang.

And for the record, Guan Eng, through his errant boy, Datuk Zainal Rahim, the state secretary and for former MPPP president had ordered the director of State Development Office, Nik Ali, out of his government bungalow for refusing to co-operate with the state government and Guan Eng. In retaliation, Nik Ali had ordered all staff under the federal government to boycott all functions held by the state government.

I would like to enlighten yon readers that Zainal was implicated for corruption while serving as president of the local council before assuming the state secretary, a post he has been eyeing for sometime.

You can get details of his alleged abused of power from his buddy, Fadzil Hassan, the famous contractor in Penang or you can ask the outspoken Pak Deris, who is Fadzil’s cousin and also nemesis.



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