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Has Anyone Seen Rashid (the Sg Buloh ex-convict)? November 7, 2009

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Anwar's LoverAnybody knows Rashid and his whereabouts? Which Rashid? That Rashidlah. The one who was released from the Sungai Buloh prisons couple of years ago. So, you don’t know which Rashid I am talking about.

Ok. Let me tell you which Rashid. This Rashid I am talking about is the man who was with Anwar Ibrahim while the ex-DPM was serving his sentences in the prisons.

Anwar bumped into Rashid when they were in the Sungai Buloh prisons and since then they became intimate. Rashid was Anwar’s sex partner in Sungai Buloh and they had been together even after both of them were released from the prisons.

I am trying to get his pictures posted  on this blog  and a friend is trying to get his contact numbers. I hope I could talk to him and let you all know more juicy stories between him and Anwar Ibrahim. Wan Azizah and Azmin Ali know about Anwar’s scandal with this Rashid. Wan Azizah, especially, will become hysterical whenever you mention Rashid’s name to her. In fact, I also heard through a close friend that Anwar was still having an affair with Shamsidar Taharin, Azmin’s wife. They were seen together when Anwar was in Australia.

This mysterious man,  Rashid. Rashid had been frequenting  Anwar’s house and both of them would spend  time together in a library in the house.  I have never seen this  Rashid but ask any of the PKR top leaders and they can tell you who this Rashid is. Or maybe they will not tell you if you are not close to them.

Box Office - Sodomy III am not surprise over the revelation and existence of this mysterious man. Anwar has so many people who are mysterious and alien to us. That’s Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar’s former tennis partner  Datuk S. Nallakaruppan had recently exposed about Anwar’s close relationship with his VP Azmin Ali.  Azmin also receives special treatment and privileges from Anwar. Azmin was Anwar’s  former private secretary when he was DPM.  Ezam Mohd Noor,  Anwar’s former political secretary and AMK chief,  has confirmed Nalla’s statement as truth. According to Ezam, there were 30 over staff in Anwar’s DPM office. Anwar did not care if any of his staff was missing but would notice and feel uneasy if Azmin was not around. Why? A question which had not been answered by either Anwar , Azmin or Wan Azizah.

In fact, Pas president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang knows about Anwar’s past activities including his unnatural sex behaviour. But he chose to remain silent as he doesn’t want to offend his Pakatan Rakyat leader who is now his comrade. Hadi doesn’t care about Anwar’s past as long as one of them could inhabit Sri Perdana. Hadi is willing to compromise on Islamic values and morals for political and Anwar’s sake. Like his Tok Guru,  Hadi is also a leader with a fork tongue.  We cannot change them anyway. They are beyond redemption.

I believe Hadi also knows about this Rashid guy.  Maybe he will only reveal the identity of Rashid when he does not pakat (in collusion) with Anwar Ibrahim anymore.



1. Elves - December 7, 2009

Even if Anwar is the monster you protray him to be, what makes you a better human gossiping about others like that. I am sure you don’t have any evidence about all these. Shame on you for speculating like this!

2. jamil bin ismail ( jamilkucing ) - December 25, 2009

Yup i aggrey with you Elves. and i am sure the owner of this blog is malay and get pays by umno basterd politicion. that is malay people,kalau tak busuk hati bukanlah melayu.always try to topple other people down,my english terok but if you not stupid you will understand it.

jemey - May 4, 2010

jamil accept the fact that your idol is gay…and don’t be a racist and yes your english is terok

3. nusa jaya - December 31, 2009

what kind of a leader is this gay called anwar son of ibrahim

4. jamilhanjing - February 3, 2010
5. zulipo - May 4, 2010

Anwar is a big time gay. He is just a human being with human needs. Its just that his needs are unnatural for a human. Even the clergymen have been exposed to homosexual tendency. Just because they are men of houses of worship does not make them angels. Basically, they are all human, as much as Anwar is. May be i should rephrase myself, Anwar is big time bisexual. No holes barred.

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