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It Is Still A long And Winding Road For Umno October 25, 2009

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PWTCThe battle for Umno is far from over. The ‘brouhaha’ about changes and reforms in Umno following the amendments of the party’s Constitution has yet to see any tangible results.

Umno has an uphill battle to revolutionize the people’s perception on the party, no thanks to Pak Lah who was instrumental in creating the distrustful perception among the rakyat on Umno and BN and for causing the collapse of the party and Barisan Nasional in four states. He has never felt remorseful or sorry for his actions until today.

Nevertheless, it is history now and we want to see a renewed confident among the people in Umno and BN. But so far, we have yet to see Umno leaders at divisional and branch levels translating their promises to change into real practice.There are plenty of hard work to be done by Najib and his team to reverse the off-putting perception among the rakyat on Umno.

Najib had told delegates that the party must change if it wishes to maintain its unbroken grip on power in the next general election.

UMNO AssemblyThe question is do Umno leaders want to change or it was just a “prank” put up by them to show to the people about their seriousness to change. Are they serious, sincere and earnest in their efforts to change? If they do, how are they going to show that they have already changed? Who is going to keep an eye on them to ensure that the promised change really happens?  What is Umno action plans after the amendments were unanimously passed during the party’s three-day general assembly in PWTC?

How long the enthusiasm generated at PWTC will last after delegates go back to their home state is left to be seen.

Great long-ruling parties can only effectively and meaningful reform and re-energise themselves after having tested loss of power. Does Umno has what it takes not to suffer the fate of Japan’s LDP and Taiwan’s Kuomintang? KMT came back strongly after tasting severe beating and becoming an Opposition for eight years.

Deputy Umno president and deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said changes will help Umno become more democratic, transparent and more open to the people.

“Umno will be more inclusive. Without the quota system and rules, it will enable the democratic process to be stronger and sincere,” Muhyiddin said. The rakyat, especially the Malays, wish they could believe Muhyiddin. But those are merely soothing and convincing words. It has to be followed with sincerity and genuineness in their actions. No just some half-heartedly programmes to camouflage their slothfulness and artificiality.

Whatever it is, we salute Umno for taking this bold step to regain the people’s faith and confidence in the party. The process of rejuvenating the party will of course takes some time. The important thing now is not the rejuvenation process, the amendments, reforms and changes but the attitude and behaviour of Umno leaders towards the people.

It would have been a different story and much easier for Umno had these leaders displayed a great sense of humility to the rakyat before March 8, 2008. However, it is better late than never.



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