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UMNO On The Road To Recovery October 13, 2009

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UMNO LogoUmno will be amending its constitution, which is seen by some political observers as an effort to win back the people’s support for the party.
As the dominant political party in the country, such change is important for Umno to regain the trust and confidence of the people, especially party members.

The amendments among others will empower 146,500 party members to choose Umno president and his deputy and other top leaders in the party, something which has been long overdue. The grassroots voice in the past had been denied by a mere 2,500 delegates to the Umno general assembly whereby the leaders chosen by them might not reflect the grassroots choice.

One of the much awaited amendments is the abolishment of the nomination quota system, a system which is believed to be contributing to widesrepad money politics in the party.

The amendments to be made to the party’s constitution at the special general assembly on Oct 13 will determine the party’s survival in the country’s political landscape.

This is what the rakyat and party members had demanded for and Umno is doing just what they had asked for. We hope changes will not just be made to the party’s constitution but more importantly, the attitude, approach and mindset of its leaders and members.

The just concluded Bagan Pinang by-election where former Negeri Sembilan MB Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad emerged victorious could be used as a barometer to gauge the start of Umno’s reincarnation and the renewed rakyat’s confidence in the party.

The thumping majority of 5,435 vote-majority won by Isa is a testament of the people’s support for Umno despite BN losing in the last seven by-elections. Although the Opposition had declared that the battle for Bagan Pinang was all even before campaigning started, they were still hoping that they could reduce the 2,333 vote-majority won by Umno in the 2008 general election. But they were in for bigger disappointment when the Bagan Pinang voters stood united behind Isa and BN and gave them a clear mandate to lead not only Bagan Pinang but the country.

The idea of abolishing the nomination quota system by amending the party constitution had been voiced by Umno President Datuk Seri Najib Razak even before the party’s supreme council decided on the proposal, aimed at making the party elections more transparent, open and democratic.

Two commitees were formed — the Umno Constitution Amendments Main Committee and Umno Constitution Amendments Technical Committee — which are responsible to obtain feedback from the grassroots.

Dato' Sri Hishammudin Tun HusseinChairman of the main committee, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, said the amendments were proposed based on five rationales, namely empowering the grassroot members, making it easier for members to contest for posts, making Umno more inclusive to all groups, shortening the campaign period and easing the party membership process.

Kudos to Umno and we hope reforms being made to the party constitution will not be last one. Umno should stay alive ad infinitum for the survival of the Malays and future generations.



1. Huseen - October 23, 2009

Bookmark!! harap blog ni sentiasa update!! Terima kasih.

Untuk kawan-kawan yang sudah berumah tangga, saya nak kongsi bende yang baru saya jumpa cara bersetubuh

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