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Zahrain’s RM2 Company October 1, 2009

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Former Tanjung Umno division chief Datuk Mohamad Zahrain Hashim who is now Parti Keadilan Rakyat Penang chairman is doing it again.  All talks on transparency and accountability in the Pakatan-led government are actually a horde of lies and deception to mislead and hoodwink the rakyat.

Everyone in Penang knows who Zahrain is and how corrupt he was when he helmed Tanjung Umno and Penang Port Sdn Bhd. The tender for the purchase of gangtry cranes worth some RM44mil for Penang port ended his political career in Umno and resulted in his contract as PPSB executive chairman hot being renewed by the Transport Ministry.

Zahrain was also responsible for the creation of phantom Umno members in Tanjung to strengthen his position. Of course with the help and advice of his buddy, Ibrahim Daging. Both of them worked hand-in-glove and used the names of dead people and schoolchildren in Umno membership application forms. The names of the dead and schoolchildren were discovered by a pro-tem committee set up to probe the phantom member issue. It was headed by Tan Sri Khalid and assisted by the late Cikgu Karim, the former Tanjung Umno secretary.

The division chief now, Datuk Ahmad Ibni Hajar is aware of the story and can tell you in detail. He was the vice-chairman when Zahrain was heading the division.  Ahmad was handpicked by Anwar Ibrahim to replace Zahrain, the post he had held for the past 12 years.

Well, that was some of the filthy activities and works done by  Zahrain when he was heading Tanjung Umno and the port.  He has never repented and is not remorseful.

He is trying to do it again now.  Recently, he formed a RM2 company under his son’s name in a bid to secure a contract for the maintenance and upkeep of the Bukit Jambul Golf and Country Club in Bayan Lepas where the Equatorial Hotel is located. Zahrain who is the club’s president is abusing his power to get the tender for his son.

Unfortunately, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng got wind of his attempt and demanded to see Zahrain personally for an explanation. I do not know the date of the meeting but sources in the Chief Minister’s office said they had yet to meet.

Guan Eng is fuming mad over the matter and had scolded Zahrain over the phone.  Zahrain did not utter a word when he was given tongue-lashing by Guan Eng but boasted that he would fight Guan Eng when they meet. That’s Zahrain. He pretends to portray himself as a fierce and firm leader but in reality, is timid and apprehensive about meeting Guan Eng.

Zahrain’s  PKR colleague, Abdul Malik Kassim,  or better known as Malik Lim for doing nothing except praising Guan Eng is waiting for the right time to expose the new scandal. It is an open secret that Zahrain and Malik Lim who is a state exco cannot see eye to eye.

We hope Lim will expose the true colours of Pakatan-Rakyat leaders involved in misconduct and abuse of power if he really advocates his CAT philosophy and not just dig the past and continue with his witch-hunting agenda of the previous state government.



1. yum - October 1, 2009

Which only goes to show that Umno is the root of all evil? Ex- or otherwise.

2. pakcik6969 - October 1, 2009

usah bimbang, kalau asalnya UMNO, pegi ke mana-mana pun ada sejarah rasuah. dah asal nya umno, rasuah la. umno=rasuah, rasuah=umno.

3. ek eleh - October 2, 2009

mmg la..tapi pkr dapat hampeh dari umno..elok pun musibat2 umno tu masuk pkr..jadi pkr skrg ni penuh dgn al juburi and al payamuni…

4. ek eleh - October 2, 2009

jadi pendek kate umno dah tak de kaki rasuh..sume dah ada dalam pkr..hahaha

5. yum yum - October 7, 2009

aku sokong ek eleh, semua sial UMNO dulu dah ada kat PKR..biaq depa mampouih pi kat sana….to yum..pooorahhh..even worst DAP is full of gangsters and pure racists..

6. KL QUEK - October 7, 2009

sekurang-kurangnye pemimpin BN skrg tidak mempunyai pemimpin yang sentiasa lari untuk menghadapi kebenaran di mahkamah, menggunakan alasan untuk menganiaya hak orang lain. pemimpin yang bercakap pasal hak tapi menidakkan hak orang lain untuk mencari keberanar. itulah sifat2 anwar ibrahim. tidak lain pemimpin pkr yang diagungkan oleh penyokongnya yang buta hati..lebih baik buta mata dari buta hari..

7. sasabila - October 7, 2009

yes quek, i totally agree with u.. u are 101% right. anwar is irrelevant now. what has he done for the rakyat. name me just one.. nothing…what happened to kg buah pala? go and ask anwar…

8. rpk or pkr - October 7, 2009

sedapnya kalain bercakap..ape bagus nye BN..ape yang kita dapat? najib, rosmah, kj dll..ape yang mereka buat untuk rakyat? rosmah hanya pandai megebat depan khalayak ramai..suruh la die tukar psyen rambut..mcm rambut samy velu..pakai tudung la sikit cik kak oi!

9. Jati Pinang - October 8, 2009

Another desperate attempt by the writer to discredit the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat. Please be a responsible blogger by providing facts and not gossips or rumours. We do not need this politics in todays world. All i know Zahrain so far, has been a good leader steering the Penang PR government behind the scene while supporting the present leaders. There are no problems with Malik as they even meet up each other very often for coffee. So just stop la all your lies and BS. Dont stoop so low and take that filthy money UMNO is giving you to write malicious articles on PR. Bukan kita tak tau u ni sapa..

What do u know about that bukit jambul maintanence project?hello fren,if u dunno anything just keep quiet la..what proof do u have to show that he’s giving projects to his son under a RM2 company..

Dear writer, if you have the balls and courage please take up my challenge. Why dont you go to the ROC and look for the company and see if his son is there as a shareholder etc. If you can come up with the document,post it on your blog. Then it’ll be a more credible blog.

Just dont simply write and smear people’s good name. After all, you might be worse than them.

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