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The Truth About Dr Mansur, Penang New DCM September 28, 2009

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Selamat Hari Raya to all friends and readers. I wish you all Salam AidilFitri and Maaf Zahir Batin. For those who have been offended or hurt by my writings or comments in this blog, my apologies to you However I will continue to write the truth and without fear or favour.

I have not heard about Guan Eng for quite sometimes until recently when I met a friend from Penang for a Kopitiam on the 6th Hari Raya.Well, our topics of discussions were mostly focussed on Penang, Guan Eng and his deputy Dr Mansor Osman.

Dr Mansor (right) and his predecessor Fairus khairudinHe could not hide his frustrations over Dr Mansor’s inept and lackadaisical attitude, someone who is being looked upon and hoped for by the Malays to protect their interests and future following the disgrace downfall of his predecessor Mohamad Fairus Khairuddin.

Dr MansorHe told me that Dr Mansor who holds the exco portfolio of Industries could not even tell the difference between SME and SMI. What a joke and mockery. What more when Penang is famously known as the Silicone Valley of the country.  I wonder how Dr Mansor handles and briefs trade delegations from overseas when he does not even know what is SME and the definition of SMI.

It is even more frustrating when Dr Mansor’s refused to pursue proposals to put the Malays in a better economic position.  Of course, the Malays could not hope anything from Guan Eng when it comes to politics and economic agenda for Penang. But what is Dr Mansor doing and what are his plans for the Malays after taking over the deputy chief minister’s post four months ago.

He even snubbed a proposal from one Professor Dr Jamaludin from Universiti Sains Malaysia who met him at his office just before the Ramadan. The professor had given a detailed briefing on how to improve the socio-economy of Penang Malays based on his research and studies.

Instead of considering the proposal and asking him to fine-tune, Dr Mansor told his officers “Tak Payahlah” or “No need”.  I am lost for words to describe the despicable attitude of a Malay leader like Dr Mansor. I believe words must have spread by now how Dr Jamaludin was treated by another former colleague.

Well, I hope this bit of information about Dr Mansor will help you realise what he is capable of.  I believe Dr Mansor, who is Anwar Ibrahim’s buddy, has nothing to offer you but is merely put up there to be used as a tool by Anwar and Guan Eng.

To Dr Mansor, the political survival of these two Pakatan leaders is more important, significant and above the future and interest of 650,000-odd Penang Malays and their children.



1. johan makmur b.m. - September 29, 2009

i have followed and observed the politicking in PR penang. we know for very sure that these pkr leaders are taking us to nowhere. we miss the BN style of admin. though many had their reservations about bn, we still feel that bn had the best mechanism of administering the state and caring the people. we will do the needful come the next general election.

2. yum - October 1, 2009

Johan, *kack, eccck* pardon my belching. “bn had the best mechanism of administering the state and caring the people”? You’re kidding, right? LOL

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