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SELCAT – PR no longer transparent? September 25, 2009

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Over 2 days PR leaders have been gunning down Selangor executive councillor from PAS Dato Dr Hasan Ali, criticising him for daring to propose the revamp of the Selangor opposition’s Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat).

Dr Hasan wants Selcat to revamp its procedures and techniques of investigation as Selcat’s Gestapo-like interrogating of senior civil servants has left them feeling degraded and demeaned.  In short,  Selcat has been operating similarly to the Special Branch or any secret police of the world. There is no term of reference and Selcat’s office bearers are allowed to do what they please.

“Selcat’s officers can shout obscenities and vulgarities at will. They can also threaten the civil servants. Selcat was formed to investigate into the expenditure of allocations made by BN state assemblymen. Thus it should call on the state assemblymen involved after getting the right information from civil servants.

“But this is not happening. Selcat prefers to drill civil servants and wants them to prosecute the BN instead. In a way, it is to absolve Selcat officers the responsibility of having to go after the BN state assemblymen.

“This shows that Selcat is set up merely as window dressing. There is no attempt to be transparent or accountable,” said a reliable source who is also a PR Member of Parliament.

Other PR leaders have this to say about Dr Hasan :

1. Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad said that Dr Hasan should have played the role of a Selangor “state team” and should not have made the statement even if he was not happy.

2. PAS vice-president Dato Mahfuz Omar said that the issue should not have been brought up as it was tantamount to attacking the PR’s principle of separation of powers.

3. DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng said it was more appropriate for Dr Hasan to bring the matter up internally and not make public his statement.

If this is the case, the people of Malaysia wish to ask the PR Pact – where is the transparency, democracy and accountability they promised to the rakyat before the March 8 general elections last year?

PR leaders used to lambast BN leaders for purportedly concealing the truth. If so, we would think that PR would learn something from this and practice good governance by being open about its misgivings and weaknesses, not by sweeping everything under the carpet.

The transparent and democratic effort of Dr Hasan should be lauded as he is practising what the PR had promised to their voters like me.

For the rest of the PR leaders, they have lost our votes as we don’t see them practising what they had preached.  We now know what to do in the next general election.



1. mccann105 - September 25, 2009

why be in the hurry to make decision..whether you wishes to vote for anybody ..it yr right….we have time to decide….sometime we speak too fast ..think too little for whatever reason …

2. Die hard - September 27, 2009

You stupid people, if SELCAT is a window-dressing why are the corrupt so scared and kicking up a big fuss? Think man and use your lazy brain. If the Toyol is clean why is he scared shit out of his stupid brains! so you guys, be honest with your selves, if its a change you want then support SELCAT with all your might otherwise you can go and let the whole system get flush down the toilet.

3. Pakatan Rakyat - September 27, 2009

I am very concerned that we are now back stabbing each other! Look at what is happening in Barisan Nasional, we should learn from their problems and don’t let ourselves be in the situation they are in. We only have to be patient for time being and only grab all the riches for ourself when time come. Don’t lets squabble among ourself now. We are not in power yet!

4. MM - September 27, 2009

Are you suggesting that we should give a pat on the shoulders for those civil servants that had not done their job properly. Anyway, comparatively with MACC I think its ok as they don’t go and arrest you at home!

5. Rakyat - September 28, 2009

I would like to emphasize the importance of racial and religious harmony; pointing to especially since many Malaysians have grown more religious. The paradox between SELCAT team and Hassan Ali’s raison d’etre is becoming even more evident and prominent by the day.

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