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Samy And MIC On The Way To Necropolis September 18, 2009

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It’s all over for MIC. No amount of cajole would win back the support of Indians for the beleaguered party.

The Indians have sent a strong signal to the MIC leaders during the 2008 general election but instead of reforming, they ganged up and retained Samy Velu and all his men at last week MIC polls.

I believe MIC is finished and the Indians will never come back to support the party in the next GE as long as Samy is there at its helm.

The Main Reason“The Indians no longer see and rely on MIC as a party capable of representing their interests in BN. This is made even worse by the delegates move in electing the president’s team for the deputy president and vice-president post.”

MIC has lost its grip on the Indians and the party will be history after the next GE.  The Indians have given them a golden opportunity last week which Samy and his stooges squandered.

It is useless to be in power but rejected by the people. It is like a monkey in a cage. The monkey can gnash its teeth and claim territory but unable to command other primates. This is the best analogy I can think of for Samy Velu and his disciples.

Instead of drawing a road map to regain the confidence and win back the support of Indians, they came out with a suggestion to place a garland of slippers around the picture of Tun Dr M.

Well, as far as I and the Indians are concerned, it’s all over for Samy and MIC.  They are on their way to necropolis and dig their own graves.



1. Alizul - September 19, 2009

It’s unfortunate that Tun is bashed and humiliated simply because MIC, as well as other parties of the political divide, see the Malays as weak and divided. MIC has become Samy’s personal fiefdom. And THAT is not good for BN.

The most honourable act is for Samy to quit gracefully. He should already have seen the writings on the wall.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to you and your family. (I can’t see your profile here, so my apologies to you and family if you are not a Muslim).

Please visit my new blog: http://alizul2.blogspot.com/

I have added your blog to my blog list.

2. Malaysian Story - September 19, 2009

Thank you Alizul, I am sure if we keep this up and be rational we will be able to make a better Malaysia.

3. Sungai Siput - September 20, 2009

Ya, I think leaders should know when to leave and not hold on to power like some stricken maniac till they are chased out. In the last general election way back in March, the people of Perak delivered a strong message to this monkey by kicking him out of the Parliament, but he couldn’t read between the lines, guess he is a real monkey and had to be told right in the face!

4. Malaysian - September 21, 2009

Let Samy say what he thinks but I am sure its not relevant to other Malaysians except a few of his cronies. Comes the next general election they will know. And I really hope that the civil service will maintain its integrity when serving the public irrespective of which party they are from. By then we will have a truly better Malaysia!

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