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Ayoyo Samy September 16, 2009

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Dr M-SamyWhile Tun Dr M is busy parting his thoughts to salvage BN from sinking in the abyss, MIC is engrossed in bashing and humiliating the former PM for his so-called interference in the party’s internal affairs.

The idea and suggestion by a delegate to garland Dr M’s pictures with slippers had not only riled Umno members, the Malays but those who think highly of him, including the Chinese.

The suggestion had also agitated Umno youth chief Khairy Jamaludin who said that the movement condemned the remark.  His statement tickles me as the whole world knows what Khairy did to Dr M when his father-in-law was in power. The amount of sarcasm, cynicism, humiliation and disrespect orchestrated by him which were levelled against the former PM was beyond imagination.

Nevertheless, let’s not get emotionally upset with KJ. Anyway, the new UMNO leadership has ‘clipped his wings’ and we hope he could not flutter far except within his own cage.

Samy ShinkingWell, for Samy Velu, I wonder if he is really ignorant or playing deaf to the fact that he is a LIABILITY to BN. He keeps on saying that he or MIC is not a liability to BN but the Indians abhor BN. Preposterous remark and a silly accusation from someone who has been at the MIC helm for the past 30 years. Everyone in the country, including Indians, despise Samy.  He is the sole cause for MIC to lose all seats the party contested in the March 8 general election.

MIC is a cartel built by Samy ever since he took the party’s presidency. He has clung on to power for 11 terms.

“He never allowed any other leaders to grow. Instead he was determined to exact revenge and devastate them,” this was Dr M’s words carried by Makkal Osai during a special interview which had enraged Samy. What Dr M said was true and it reflected the sentiments of the people, especially Indians, against the MIC head. In fact, an Indian friend told me that they would give back their support to MIC if Samy is kicked out of the party. This is the fact that Samy refuses to accept.

MALAYSIA-POLITICS/The Indian leaders are no more than Samy. They are petrified of their boss to the extent that they chose to close their eyes and ears to screaming and yelling Indians demanding reforms and changes in the party’s leadership. In fact, Samy would have nominated and endorsed his son Vell Paari, as his deputy if he had his own way. The just-concluded MIC polls spoke volume of how frustrated the Indians are with the MIC leaders. The media has said it and the leaders had spoken about it.  Unfortunately, Samy and his “apple polishers” refused to take heed of the strong message and signal from the people. Well, you can take the horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink the water.

At least, the MIC had adopted a resolution to limit the president’s term from “life” to three terms, although it came a bit late and at a time when Samy was making his way to the exit door by announcing that this term would be his last. It’s better late than never I guess but I hope he would not make a U-turn at the 11th hour by saying that the Indians still need him.  I think, by then, you need to point the pistol to his head and get the trigger in ready position to force him to step down.



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