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Anwar Denied Saiful of His Rights Over and Over Again September 13, 2009

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Many of us are now beginning to question why Anwar Ibrahim is so fearful to face the truth if he is innocent. To let the court clears his name.

I believe he will accuse the court of being manipulated and orchestrated by the ruling BN government and Umno if the court finally decides against him. He will seek international interference, especially from his Uncle Sam, to pressure the government to release him.

Saiful Versus AnwarThe opposition leader’s second sodomy charge in a decade was initially scheduled to begin on July 1 but was delayed due to a series of applications and appeals, including Anwar’ bids to obtain additional evidence and to disqualify the prosecution team

But to date neither Anwar Ibrahim nor Ramlang Porigi (or anyone else for that matter) has been able to punch any holes in the contents of Saiful’s oath. Saiful not only took an oath in public in a mosque but he also took the oath on the Quran. Now Saiful cannot wait to appear in Court.

Anwar has refused outright to take an oath on the Quran to deny the sodomy. He said he had received a fax from Yusuf Qaradawi that he need not take the oath. Preposterous! Any sane person will not buy his excuse. But no one had ever asked Anwar to show the fax he purported received from Qardawi until today.

Saiful has been denied of his rights repeatedly and many times by Anwar due to the many applications by Anwar’s team to delay the trial. So, who is orchestrating the court now? The government, Saiful or Anwar?

The court, on the other hand, is not doing justice to Saiful due to the long delays in the dispensing of justice which Saiful is seeking over the wrong that was done to him.

Another Mat Jambu with AnwarAnwar, 62, pleaded not guilty when charged with sodomising his former aide, Saiful Bukhari, 24, at the Desa Damansara Condominium in Bukit Damansara on June 26 last year. If found guilty, the former deputy prime minister faces a maximum sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment.

If anyone reads Saiful’s blog,  http://www.mohdsaifulbukhari.blogspot.com/, he even questions the whereabouts of Imam Ramlang Porigi. Does anyone recall this character? Does anyone know where Ramlang Porigi is now? What has become of him? He was the “imam” who presided over the oath which Saiful did at the mosque. Ramlang Porigi even used the political stage to smear Saiful.

But he is missing now while Saiful has been consistent in his statements posted on his blog. He writes very simply and quite frankly about what has transpired since the allegations of sodomy broke into the open.

Anwar will use whatever means he has to delay his sodomy trial including visiting his Uncle Sam. It is vivid in my mind when his sodomy case broke out in 2007, the first thing he did was to run for his life. He sought refuge at the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. He cited safety as reasons for hiding in the embassy but no cop was going after him immediately when he left the embassy’s premises. Instead, he went home and took a doze and nobody disturbed his sleep.

Sodomy is a heinous and serious crime. But I wonder why Anwar has been given the freedom to move around anywhere he likes. He has also been allowed to freely moves to and forth the US and anywhere in the world. Something which will never be enjoyed by other people who are not VVIP I guess.



1. amanpuri - September 15, 2009

I think the court is not being manipulated by the government but by anwar ibrahim. he had his ways to dictate what the court shoudl decide. so what injustice is he talking about?

2. pejuang keadilan - September 15, 2009

KASIHAN saiful yang masih belum tidak mendapat keadilan. apakah hak yang diberikan oleh saiful dalam kes nya dengan si anwar laknat? mengapa saiful atau pihak pendakwa tidak membuat rayuan demi rayuan untuk mempercepatkan kesnya seperti silaknak anwar lakukan untuk menangguhkan kes liwat nya.

3. kaharjr - September 16, 2009



‘Kami tidak mengutus seorang rasulpun melainkan dengan bahasa kaumnya supaya ia dapat memberi penjelasan dengan terang kepada mereka. Maka Allah menyesatkan siapa yang Dia kehendaki, dan memberi petunjuk kepada siapa yang Dia kehendaki. Dan Dia-lah Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa lagi Maha Bijaksana.’
(AL QURAN – Ibrahim: 4)

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[20.134] And had We destroyed them with chastisement before this, they would certainly have said: O our Lord! why didst Thou not send to us an apostle, for then we should have followed Thy communications before that we met disgrace and shame. (Al Quran @ The Reading, Ta Ha, 134)

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4. samuel jr - September 16, 2009

let him exhausts all his legal avenues, he is using the right channel, right? so, whats the problem?

5. D'Nay - September 25, 2009

samuel jr – September 16, 2009, said;
“let him exhausts all his legal avenues, he is using the right channel, right? so, whats the problem?”

Then after that, if he lost his cast, he will accused of that the court for being biased and manipulated bu UMNO/Najib. I think Malaysians in general pretty much know who Anwar is and what he’s up to. He will not accept any JUDGEMENT however truthful and right the judgement by any court in this world, if it is not for him. He’s a chameleon. Beware.

Anak Permatang Pauh.

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