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PERMATANG PAUH Umno Division Suspended: Its All Over For Abdul Jalil September 1, 2009

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It’s all over for Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid, the Permatang Pauh Umno warlord. His reign in the division has been put to a stop. Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi finally has audacity to execute and exterminate Jalil, the figure hated so much in Permatang Pauh.

It took Zahid about six months to eliminate Jalil, the decision which has been waited for too long by many Umno members and one that could not be carried out by past Penang Umno liaison chiefs, including our ex-Prime Minister, the great Dollah Mat Badawi whom many felt was better and fit as a religious school headmaster than a PM.

Umno at last made a decision to suspend Permatang Pauh division and this would be announced anytime soon, probably after the next Umno supreme council meting. It was a unanimous decision as Permatang Pauh would never return to Umno as long as Abdul Jalil remains in power. Abdul Jalil is a LIABILITY not only to Umno but BN. He has not only split Umno but destroyed any chances Umno or BN had to win back the elusive Permatang Pauh. The division would be taken over and managed by Zahid, in his capacity as Penang Umno liaison chief and he would announce the new committee line-up for the division once the suspension is announced.

BN’s defeat and unexpected disgrace lost to PAS in the recent Permatang Pasir by-election was the last straw that broke Zahid’s back. Zahid was very upset and angry even before nomination day for the by-election. He had inkling that BN would lose. Umno machinery was ill-prepared and in a mess. Jalil did not do his work. He was busy campaigning for Rohaizat’s candidacy with high hopes that he would gain something in return.

This time, Zahid was ready and not easily fooled by Jalil’s old tricks and antic. He smelt something fishy when Jalil only nominated only one name as candidate for the by-election. Zahid also did not recognise Jalil self-appointment as the Permatang Pasir by-election director. Instead, he headed the BN machinery and appointed Datuk Salim Bari as treasurer for the by-election. Otherwise, it would have been a more disgraceful defeat for BN and Umno as Jalil would abscond with the “money bags” for the by-election.

Rohaizat, Zahid and JalilAbdul Jalil got a 15-minute tongue-lashing session from Zahid during the nightly BN meeting at BN command centre for the by-election. It was witnessed by some 80 BN leaders, Umno division heads and component party leaders. Jalil could not even lift his head when Zahid lost his anger due to the unprepared ness.

Permatang Pauh Umno is on life-support system now. It needs new lease of life and new blood. The decision to suspend it is long overdue. Names such as Rohaizat, Cikgu Zaidi, Datuk Nasir, Datuk Pirdaus, Datuk Ahmad Saad, Datuk Daud Taha should never resurface and appear in the caretaker line–up.

Zahid should clean up the division’s membership list first. Many are of those in the list are Umno traitors. They pretend support for Umno but backstab the party during past by-election. This was what Jalil had promised to do but it never happened.



1. mamu tanjung - September 1, 2009

alhandullilah..akhirnye kesombongan datuk jalil berakhir dan nyawa datuk jalil dalam umno permatang pau dipendekkan. mamu bersyukur sebab zahir ahirnye sedar jalail tak leh dok buat apa2. buang boreh je.nanti mamu buat kenduri bila betui2 datuk jalil dah confirm kena gantung..mamu tunggu saat tersebut no…

2. zamaliah kadir - September 1, 2009

we hope zahid will bring back the shine in umno permatang pauh. we malays will support if this datuk jalil and gang is not there. we dont hate umno but we abhor jalail his gang and the way these people manege the division..

3. Tiongemas - September 1, 2009

Timbanglah seadilnya!
Siapa Tukang Jahit dan Tukang Penampal, Siapa Pula Tukang Koyak dan Tukang Pelingkup! Siapa Tanam Tebu Di Bibir! Macamana Telunjuk nak lurus jika ada kelingking berkait! Siapa sabotaj siapa? Siapa tak dapat terima realiti diri?Yang menang dialah ketua, yang kalah ikutlah saja.Bagaimana??? kalau terpaksa dagang ditanak nasi, tidur di bilik peraduan,anak terbiar di pelenggar kesejukan, kelaparan! 4 x P’raya tp x diberi percaya tadbir-urus sendiri! Salah siapa? Dato’ Jalil juga ka????!

4. cam - September 1, 2009

yahoo! may you die in hell jalil! yahoo!
best news ever.

5. Pemburu Syahid - September 1, 2009

Sekarang aku 32 tahun. Nih mungkin dialog aku dengan cucuku (jika umur aku panjang).

Cucuku : Atok Atok. UMNO tu aper?

Aku : UMNO tu binatang, cu.

Cucuku : Binatang apa tu Atok. Tak pernah dengar pun.

Aku : Binatang UMNO nih dah pupus lama dah, cu.

Cucuku : Naper begitu Atok? Takde orang selamatkan binatang UMNo tu ker?

Atok : Ada, cu. Tapi, binatang UMNO tu yang degil sebab dia yang tak nak selamatkan dirinya.

Cucuku : Naper binatang UMNO tu degil Atok?

Aku : Sebab binatang UMNO nih haramjadah.

Cucuku : Haramjadah tu aper Atok?

Aku : Haramjadah tu UMNO. cu.

Hidup Pakatan !! Mampos UMNO !!

Anonymous - September 13, 2009

umno binatang, tapi pakatan tu iblis, iblis suka tengok manusia bertelagah. itulah sifat pakatan.

6. Bosan - September 1, 2009

Is there any way can make everyone to be more concentrated to manage the country rather than politics here and there?

7. Chairman Kaga - September 2, 2009


8. chulalongkorn - September 3, 2009

apa nak dikata…tak terkata buat dek penyamun2 semua tuhh…

9. Die Hard - September 4, 2009

If we all know that this has been happening, we should do something drastic or at least swing our support to those who are sincerely cleaning UMNO up.

10. anti_zahid@yahoo.com - September 9, 2009

Zahid Hamidi akan mula bicara besok September 10hb. Adakah dia melambat2kan lagi kesnya?

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