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Temple issue and Cow-Head protest – PAS and PKR showing true colours August 30, 2009

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It’s mind-boggling how the initiators of the “cow-head” protest in Shah Alam unabashedly accused Umno as being behind the provocative and humiliating incident on Friday.

We are no fans of Umno but the numerous photos of the protestors in the media and the blogs tell us a different story and the faces of the actual instigators – they are from PAS and PKR!

It seems that the Opposition-led Selangor State Government had failed to listen to their own people when they decided to shift the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu temple from Section 23 to Section 19. The residents had actually send protest letters to the MB and Exco but they fell on deaf ears.

In disgust, the PKR and PAS protestors marched from the Alam Shah mosque to the Selangor State Government meeting after Friday prayers to register their protest, equipped with a severed head of a cow – a sacred animal among the Hindus.

The group was headed by chairman of the residents’ committee Mahyuddin Manap, a Wangsa Maju PKR member. His assistant is Ibrahim Sabri, a PKR and Anwar Ibrahim supporter who have been in and out of lock-up several times.

And the protestor who led the prayer recital is a PAS member better known as Amin.

So how can Umno be involved in instigating the incident as claimed by Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, ADUN Rodziah and Exco Dr Xavier Jeyakumar ?

We the Rakyat realise that the Opposition have no capability, finesse and ability to administer the state. And we can see through their lies.

Anyway, it’s hard to lie when “the pictures tell a thousand words” – and the great Confuscious can’t be wrong.



1. Mederka - August 30, 2009

Dear Mr Writer, what’s wrong in having a temple in a majority Indian area? I think these people have been instigated to act irrationally. When there are 5 Muslim pupils in a Chinese school (more than a thousand non-Muslim pupil, the school and the non Muslim pupils have to give up space for other activity to enable the Muslim pupils to pray, so what is the issue if the Hindus were given the space in Section 16 to build their temple? This is Malaysia, so just be a Malaysian and not the hard core right wing fanatics.

2. Anonymous - August 30, 2009

Why would PAS and PKR shoot themselves in their feet? Who is the Shah ALAM MP? Who is the Selangor MB? PAS and PKR people. The protestors were clearly against them. Please come up with better spin doctoring than this.

3. terasarindu - August 30, 2009

I would rather say it straight to the point. Some people cannot live near to a Hindu temple,for many reasons, the same reasons also could be listed to other religious outfits.

If these people don’t like it, so why most of you force them to like it?.

Who are you to force people to like things that they don’t like?

Just look at yourself, who are you?.

4. Rakyat - August 31, 2009

It is ridiculous to allow such extremist protestors to cause racist havoc before the celebration of 52nd Merdeka day. Our greedy Muslim brothers are blinded by their sinful barbaric act against other religion should be arrested immediately by the authorities on the spot to avoid untoward bloodshed. I believe this is not an action condoned by Islam, a religion which espouses humility and respect for other religions. I was, and still am, quite saddened by the fact that such intolerance exist. I do hope that more politicians and leaders will come out and condemn such act. Let everybody knows that how ridiculous and inconsiderate it was. Sad isn’t it ,that we still have people particularly so called leaders in Malaysia preaching on racial line and instilling hatred and mistrust among the harmonising races, doing provocative stunts and speeches as if they worry that hell does not break loose.

5. R,Kannan - September 1, 2009

Well all these depics the shallow mentality of the people @ large . This is not only here but happens elsewhere too . Just look @ India when a mosque @ Ayuthi was destroyed because it was on the site where Rama was born ? So by and large we are living in a world where GOD suppose to ONE is spilt into many parts and worshipped by many different people . Some claims there is not GOD but yet they fail to realise that they hv to think about GOD first before they deny .

Whatever it is we the Indian MUST find a way to uplift ourselves educationally , economically because our voice could be heard and action taken where necessary . So forget about the cows who protects and the cow head . Go work and live a life to the fullest with others .

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