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Permatang Pasir By-Election Post Mortem: The Truth Why BN Lost August 27, 2009

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‘Rohaizat didn’t tell us the past, says Umno division chief. ’ That is the heading on Page 12 in the New Straits Times on Aug 27.

Tiga Kali Sudah Kalah di Permatang PauhDatuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid, the Pematang Pauh warlord, had blamed Rohaizat, the candidate for the recent Pematang Pasir by-election, for the defeat. He said Rohaizat should have been honest with the party leadership about his background and the issues surrounding his candidacy.

In that by-election, Rohaizat the BN candidate lost to PAS’ Mohd Salleh Man with a 4,551-vote majority.

Abdul Jalil also said: “If he had informed me (about all this), I would have objected to his candidacy…instead he chose to keep the truth to himself. He (Rohaizat) was not honest and has put Umno and BN in a bad light,” Abdul Jalil added.

The statement really amazes me. Who is Abdul Jalil to talk about honesty. He was the one who orchestrated the division’s meeting to nominate Rohaizat as the candidate. He was the one who suggested that only Rohaizat’s name should be submitted to the party leadership for consideration despite vehement objection by his committee members who had proposed three other names. In fact, the candidacy issue was put to vote due to the disagreement and Abdul Jalil’s lost, but he used other channel to insist the party to name Rohaizad as the candidate.

Jalil also claimed in the newspaper report that the division committee comprise 37 members including him, and that he had submitted 36 names for consideration, except himself.  I am speechless and flabbergasted by his statement.

When Rohaizat and BN lost badly in the by-election, Abdul Jalil resorted to finger pointing and blame game. The issue of Rohazat being struck off as member of the Bar Council over the misappropriation of RM140,000 had little bearing on the by-election.

The reason why BN lost badly is because of infighting in the division. His oppression against Datuk Arif Shah, his in capabilities to lead the division, his arrogance and acquisitiveness are among the factors that has caused Permatang Pauh out of BN reach and remains very elusive. What more when the constituency is the forte of PKR’s supremo Anwar Ibrahim.

Arif, Abd Jalil and PirdausJalil even refused to reconcile with his own “enemies” in Umno when asked to do so by his committee members. They asked him to re-unite with former division chief Datuk Ahmad Saad, Datuk Pirdaus Ismail and Datuk Arif Shah for the sake of Malay unity and to ensure that the party remains relevant and is accepted by the Malays. The idea brought up by his comrades in the division during one of the division meetings was rebuffed and rejected outright by Abdul Jalil.  He is a man full of vengeance.

Abdul Jali Abdul MajidAbdul Jalil is a lazy division chief. He doesn’t go to the ground and find out the people’s problems. However, he will always be in the forefront when attending functions organised by other leaders or BN government agencies. He will claim credit for work done by other people.

There is no people-centric programme organised by Abdul Jalil except for some cooking classes and sewing lessons for the Wanita folks.

This is the truth why BN had lost badly in Permatang Pasir and not because of issues surrounding Rohaizad.  Jalil should stand in front of a mirror and ask if he is an honest even to himself.



1. puteratanahmelayu - August 28, 2009

Itulah nasib umno permatang pauh, ketuanya orang yang tak berguna. Momentum dah ada, calun tak berguna, tergedik-gedik nak jadi Yb, akibatnya Umno yang sakit, melayu dah nak tergadai.. Padan muka Umno, simpanla lagi orang macam tu.

2. Melayu Islam - August 28, 2009

Should they proposed Hj Rahim Man for candidacy, UMNO may not lost this bad.

3. superstarrajinikanth - August 28, 2009

a month after P44 Permatang Pauh division, this Jalil bought a brand new JAG….wow!! that’s why i also want to be umno division head and i wonder how much has invest to take over the P44…

4. superstarrajinikanth - August 28, 2009

sorry typo mistakes..what i mean is after P44 by-election..

5. cam - August 28, 2009

oleh kerana aku bukan ahli UMNO kat belah sana, aku nak sumpah MATI cepat la kau jalal dan kroni puki mak kau. Semoga MATI dan kene panah petir dg anak beranak kau sekali. ahli UMNO lain sampai kene baling batu, pukimak kau jalal!

cam - August 28, 2009

he he he. abdul jalil yg aku sumpah MATI utk kroni dan anak bini nya. typo, bukan jalal. nanti ada lak jalal mati kene panah petir.
Celaka abdul jalil.Semoga neraka menanti mu.

6. Rakyat - August 28, 2009

A lot of these people themselves are not whiter than white and their morals are questionable. Actually their only concerns are popularity and political posts for personal gains, not the rakyat. As long as human have desire and greed to attain something through dishonest means, all are the same whether they are PAS, BN, DAP or PKR!

7. tan sri abdul jalil - August 28, 2009

jalil bukan je beli jag bro..die beli rumah semiD due bijik kat sebealh taman pauh cash la..sebijik dekat RM500k..yang bina projeck rumah tu jalil gak name die..tapi tak de datuk..alah, dtk jalil ni sume orang kenai..penyamun tarbus …eh bukan tarbus la..penyamun tak mampus2…

8. mr loba loba - August 28, 2009

i think people are still rejecting bn because of the character and behaviour of umno leaders.. they have not learnt their lesson well yet..what change are they talking about?

9. Truth - August 30, 2009

Ya I think you are right! Infact I am sure that you are right, they should really go to the ground without their bodyguards and assistants then they can really see for their own eyes what is the actual scenario instead of the false pretence around them!

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11. mefodei - April 21, 2010

People often called morality that suits them


12. Jerry - May 5, 2010

This is a very nice post, thanks.
Found for myself some new details ..

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