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Mohd Radzhi: I Was Taken For A Ride By Anwar August 26, 2009

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Md RadzhiThe revelation by PKR’s Lunas ADUN and Kedah exco member Mohd Radzhi Salleh that he has proof in video tapes that Anwar Ibrahim had instructed Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishna to create havoc during the recent Permatang Pasir nomination is not a surprise and shocking at all.

They labelled him as a traitor, irresponsible, bought over by Umno and even delved into his personal past. His marriage in Thailand and unreasonable claims he made in his capacity as an exco member were also not spared by irate PKR leaders and those in Pakatan Rakyat.

Well, that’s politics. It is unpredictable, erratic and sometimes hilarious. Anwar knows this very well and it is thick in his blood. He is now fighting how to control his men, supporters and enemy within. It is not an easy task when you deal with human beings. Everybody wants to have their own way and on top of that, you have to feed them well.

Tit for TatIn the case of Mohd Radzhi, I believe Anwar must have neglected him. He is a frustrated man and that was what he said during his quit Press conference last Sunday. He called Anwar many times asking for a “bailout” from his personal problems but Anwar just ignored his pleas. So, Radzhi went for a “tit-for-a-tat” and claimed to have a video tape on Anwar’s instruction to Gobala who is now facing charges in court for his own foolishness.

Pity Gobala for being so gullible.  Anwar will use just anyone to achieve his political agenda and interests. Gobala is not just his tool as Anwar had also planned to disrupt his sodomy trial by instructing his state liaison chiefs to deploy 10 men from each state to create havoc during the trial.  Imagine, 150 PKR supporters gathering in front of the court house just to yell at the cops and cause melee. It is a waste of time and energy as the cops can be deployed elsewhere for crime prevention purposes.

Do you know that at least between 3,000 and 15,000 policemen had to be deployed to control any demonstration held by the Opposition. What about the damage caused by the ruckus crowd? But I don’t think Anwar give a damn to all these. To him, being the Prime Minister is what he cares for as it comes with a complete package.

Anwar is good at giving instructions to his cronies to pursue his agenda. It was Anwar who caused the downfall of former Malacca Chief Minister Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik. He instructed the media, especially Utusan Malaysia, to spin reports on Rahim’s alleged affair with a 15-year-old schoolgirl and true enough, Rahim quit all posts while he was under investigations.

It was also Anwar who instructed former Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mohamad Fairus Khairuddin to relinquish all his posts to make way and accommodate his other crony Dr Mansor Osman who has since taken over the post from Fairus. And Anwar did not bail Fairus out from his personal problems, including bribe charges against Fairus.

Mohd Radzhi, who is chairman of the Tourism, Community Development and Human Resources Committee, said his decision to leave PKR was due to a loss of confidence in the PKR leadership

Mohd Radzhi said he would continue to serve as an independent state assemblyman and support the federal government led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Mohd Radzhi denied that he has been bought over by any political party. At least, Mohd Radzhi has realised his mistakes now. It is better late than never.

Like I said, it is too costly if you believe in Anwar as the price you have to pay is very high. The Kampung Buah Pala issue is a clear example and should be taken as a lesson.



1. matt - August 26, 2009

Go get your head checked at tg rambutan as it is free for people like you.

2. superstarrajinikanth - August 28, 2009

he is from Lunas after all…maybe he is one of the survivor from the famous case of Lunas and ‘samsu haram’

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