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Abdul Jalil Is A Liability To Permatang Pauh Umno August 25, 2009

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BN and PASThe stage has been set for PAS to celebrate victory at the Bukit Mertajam’s National Youth Skill Institute at 8pm on Tuesday (Aug 25). However, the party would be in for trouble for ignoring the last minute voters’ swing due to a sudden change of voters’ sentiment.

Despite claiming  Permatang Pasir as its stronghold over the past 15 years, PAS should not  discount the possibility of BN turning the table on them. PAS slur campaign and character assassination has not gone down well with the people in Permatang Pasir, what more during the holy and fasting month of Ramadan.

People are just too tired and fed-up with the line of attack seemingly endless.

Maybe, voters are also starting to see that after so many years, PAS and the late Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman have not done anything in Permatang Pasir – the boiler plate argument from BN – although PAS leadership has always denied it.

PAS was also jolted with news over the quit announcement by PKR’s state assemblyman for Lunas, Mohd Radzhi Salleh, to become an independent lawmaker in Kedah. He also disbanded the Padang Serai PKR division. Mohd Radzhi cited differences with the party, saying that PKR had deviated from its original aims, goals and political principles. However, it will not make any difference as PAS supporters and voters are not easily influenced by such news. Go and ask them and they will scoff at the issue.

Although Rohaizad has the upper hand in terms of education compared to PAS’ Salleh Man, PAS diehard supporters are willing to do anything including voting for a stump of wood as long as it is displayed under the party’s flagship and banner. The controversial RM60,000 absconded by Salleh as reported did not have  much impact to his winning chances.

For the record, Salleh had contested six times for a state seat and lost all of them. He might obtain some sympathy from voters on this ground.

Despite knowing that he is fighting a losing battle, Rohaizat Othman, the tainted lawyer as they insinuate him, is slogging day and night to meet each of the 20,290 voters in the constituency. He has vouched to fight and I guess credit should be given to him for going it “all alone”.

The phrase “all alone” befits the silent protest from Cikgu Zaidi and his gang over the choice of Rohazad as the BN candidate. Cikgu Zaidi was hoping that he would be the BN man for the by-election but he is too heavily stained, contaminated and polluted.  His case against the Pearl View Hotel staff is an open secret. Instead of charging him, the staff, known to everyone in Umno Permatang Pauh as his lover who was allegedly “raped” by the Cikgu, is now facing charges in court for lodging false police report.

As usual, Abdul Jalil’s face is missing in Rohaizad’s campaign trail. But you can notice his “front elevation” appear on TV and in the newspapers almost daily alongside Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Umno ministers and other leaders.

This makes Rohaizad’s task more difficult as voters’ are judging Abdul Jalil’s act and antic before putting the ballot paper in the box.

Like KJ in the last general election, Abdul Jalil is a liability to Umno as long as he remains in power.



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