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Nik Aziz and His Annoying Soundbytes August 18, 2009

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First, he cursed the 2mil-odd Umno members and the party to go to hell. Then he issued an edict permitting non-Muslims to insult Islam and finally, he handed down another decree saying that all Umno members would never go to heaven. Only an insane Muslim would agree to this.

This is the conduct of Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the PAS Tok Guru or spiritual leader, worshipped by PAS members. To them, their Tok guru is above God and disobeying him is something that cannot be tolerated.

I would rather call Nik Aziz Tok Selampit instead of Tok Guru as Guru in Bahasa means a teacher, someone who teachers good values.  I don’t see this quality in Nik Aziz.

The Tok Selampit title is more befitting I guess as this old man is capricious and sometimes sounds hilarious. I am not quite sure of his age, but I believe it is taking its toll on this Tok Guru, reflective of his nonsensical behaviour.

While trying to play God, Nik Aziz is actually running out of idea on how to sustain and show his political mettle at 80. He needs a good “soundbyte” to be constantly in the limelight and draw the people’s attention. Otherwise, this Tok Guru will be buried and forgotten. He needs to cope up with the political ferociousness of his younger leaders. He needs good soundbytes to compete with them.

Nik Aziz is a man with fork-tongue. He constantly denigrates Umno leaders and at the same time asks for help from them. This PAS demon is not shameful or remorseful.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has appealed and reminded him not to pass remarks that will hurt the feelings of Umno members to enable close co-operation between them. Instead of pinning his ears back, he continues with his political slurs against them. I am speechless over his behaviour.

This Tok Guru claims that the federal government is duty-bound to help Kelantan financially. He also said that he is only interested to pursue a government-to-government relationship i.e. strictly between Kelantan and the federal government and not with UMNO. It shows his stupidity and narrow-mindedness. How can u marry a woman and not sleep with her because she is from a different political party.  But you still insist that she must cook for you and wash your clothes.

I have only these words to describe Nik Aziz. Beyond redemption!



1. Pengikut Ajaran Rasul - August 18, 2009

byk perkataan yang dikeluarkan oleh tok guru telah menghiris hari bukan shaja orang Umno tetapi orang Islam keseluruahnnya di negara ini. tidak kah nik aziiz berasa malu dan abersalah menghina saudaranya sendiri. syurga dan neraka adalah hak allah, saya cukup hairan dan pelik bagaiman seorang yang mengelarkan dirinya tok guru boleh membuat hukum sesuka hatinya dan disokong oleh pengikutnya walaupun mereka tahu bahawa ianya salah. kita berharap nik aziz segera bertaubat dan memohon petunjuk dari allah. AMIN

2. Dr Arbiatul Qadri - August 18, 2009

I know for sure that it was politacally-motivated.He needs the soundbytes, irrespective of the consequences, to be above the rest in his party. nik azizi needs to show that he is in control of the party. otherwise he will be dumped in the wilderness by his own members. we are not easily manipulated bu his edict and decree beacuse as a muslim, we know that it is the sole right of allah to decide who goes to hell and haven. by the look of it, i think nik aziz is certain to go to hell.

3. PAS is For Haven - August 18, 2009

i sure agree with our tok guru lah..he say something right what. umno people go to hell because they fight allah’s laws. najib will go to hell also because he dont want to follow tok guru. live pas and tok guru

4. Mamu Tanjung - August 18, 2009

Nauzubillah Himin Zaliq. Mamu harap Nik Aziz mengucap dan berastaqfar banyak2.

5. Alizul - August 19, 2009

Politically motivated or not, Nik Aziz has made statements that are DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE SOLE JURISDICTION OF ALLAH, in his capacity of spiritual leader of an Islamic party, and by doing so mislead his obsessed followers. Isn’t this committing treachery to Islam?

Even a schoolboy with basic knowledge of Islam knows that the decision as to who goes to heaven or hell lies SOLELY with ALLAH. Nik Aziz, who is of sound mind and body, is in control of his faculty and is well-schooled in Islam, should know this more than others. He is not mad (otherwise Allah would have forgiven him), so he should know that he is committing blasphemy. If he had lived in the era of our Rasulullah and the 4 Khalifahs after him, he would have been beheaded or faced the death penalty. Of course, many Muslims have contradicted the true Islamic teachings or have committed blasphemy or “syrik”, but they are not the Nik Azizs of the country and they do not mislead people in the way that Nik Aziz does.

6. HarakahDaily - December 1, 2010

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