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A Bunch Of “Bodoh Sombong” So-called Anti-ISA Champions August 13, 2009

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It is all quiet now. Two weeks after the anti-ISA brouhaha, there have been no news about the so-called Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (ISA Abolishment Movement). No follow-up actions. Nothing heard after that. It just fizzles out in thin air.

Are these guys (those in GMI) really serious in their struggles or they are just itchy to get back to the streets after a long vacation (the last street demo they held was the one organised under the banner of Bersih involving the same group and people).

Are they serious?GMI was not even successful in getting the crowd they had wanted for the Anti-ISA gathering. They had targeted 100,000 people to rally behind them but maybe, slightly more than 20,000, turned up on that Saturday.

People are just not interested anymore with street demonstrations which are often associated with ruckus, brawl and melee. I think they have better things to do and what more when many are still grappling to survive under the not so good current economic circumstances.

Many are being fooled and misled by the Anti-ISA organiser. They did not even know that the gathering was politically-motivated and nothing to do with ISA. Maybe they don’t even read the newspapers or watch TV at home. Gullible people they are.

I believe many of them do not even know what is ISA and what it is used for. I also believe that most of the political leaders who orchestrated the Anti-ISA demo and who spoke fiercely on that day do not know that there are only 12 people being detained under the Act in the Kamunting detention centre in Taiping.

They do not even bother to do their homework despite the Government openness and transparency. They used and misled the people for their own political mileage.

These political blokes do not even know that of the 12 ISA detainees, none is a politician. Four of them are militants, including Mas Selamat, while two others were involved in forging government documents and the remaining are foreigners. So what Anti-ISA move are they talking about?

One of the militants has been detained for the past 18 years and no one had asked about him, including Haji Hadi, Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim.

It makes Lim Kit Siang looks even stupid as none of the detainees is a Chinese. I wonder if Kit Siang will continue with his Anti-ISA campaign immediately when he knew that not even a Chinese was detained in Kamunting.

These politicians are actually “bodoh sombong”, a term used by Malays to show one stupidity and arrogance. Well, it fits them well due to their ignorance and political egotism.



1. keliru - August 13, 2009

They just want cheap publicity. Its difficult to get into news now with sensational stories so abundant…so by gathering some fools along some roads they achieved what they wanted. Many of those fools I believed do not even know what ISA is all about.

All For ISA

2. john ragunathan - August 14, 2009

we all know what they are up to. we dont see anything good yet from leders ofthe PR coalition. we also know what to do in the next general election. action is louder than words.

3. Beng Hock - August 16, 2009

Is it John or Johan? Anything good from our Datuk Seri Najib and his 1Malaysia thing? Maybe you care to share with us all.

4. ray - August 22, 2009

just replace the ISA with RNC – rendered non citizen

5. Dre - September 1, 2009

Perhaps you’ve forgotten the arrests of Teresa Kok, RPK, P.Uthayakumar, Operasi Lalang’s 106, and countless other innocents that have served their time detained without trial. Irregardless of political motivations, the ISA is abhorrent; no one should be allowed to be detained for an indefinite period of time, without a chance to defend him/herself in a court of law. That’s pure authoritarianism. Millions of others have their lips sealed under fear of arrest. That’s a loss of fundamental liberties. And fyi, Kit Siang standing up for any Malaysian, not just Chinese people, is 1Malaysia at work.

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