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PPSMI, ISA, TBH August 1, 2009

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Dear all readers, sorry to have left this blog without any updates for such a long time. Nevertheless, thanks for those concerned emails wishing for our well being… We are all fine here except that we were just taking a few too many extra days off!

Much had happen since we last wrote about Malaysian scenarios, especially the untimely death of a young aspirant DAP political secretary. All of us felt the lost not because we believe in his political inclination but as a fellow human, he is a decent guy. As a rational Malaysian, we all believe that it would be rediculous for MACC to want to “kill” Teoh Beng Hock. But the MACC too is at fault for taking too long a time to respond to this sad incident as if they really don’t care! Their lateness in responding provide time for the public’s imagination to run wild and also to imagine the worst! Thus they got nobody else to blame except themselves for the bad publicity played by the press. Maybe being a Commission that’s the fastest they can respond!

Then comes the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English or better known as PPSMI. Its a government decision to implement the teaching of Mathematics and Science in the National Language and that’s about it. The various arguments about pupils learning better in English or Malay were just perceptions and has not concrete proofs. Recently some foreign visitors from the middle east country were asking me if there were any specific findings that resulted in the reversal of the policy, they were shocked that we are doing this when they think that we were very successful in the PPSMI programme.  They were actually in the process of implementing PPSMI in their own country and thought that we had some secret findings that we don’t want to share with the world and came up with some excuses when we decided to revert the PPSMI programme.

Worst of all, today in Kuala Lumpur, two groups of equally ignorant individuals took the Internal Security Act (ISA) to the streets. These streets protesters are showing a very bad example to our younger generation. No wonder the MAT REMPITS are following their foot steps. The worst group are those who decide to use the sanctity of the place of worship like the Mosque to gather their demonstrators. We sincerely hope that they will repent and do things the right way so that the younger generation had good role model to follow! Mohd Khairul Azamdin, legal adviser to Majlis Gabungan NGO Pembela Negara only decide to cancel the demonstration at 2.15 pm, nevertheless still will have a representative will hand over memorandum at the Istana.

Despite repeated assurence from our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, these group of individuals still takes to the streets. Imagine the amount of lost to public funds spend of preventing them causing havoc to KL? They should be ashame of themselves. The money spend on this event could have being put to better use such as to prevent petty crimes  etc etc. Thus whether you are for ISA of otherwise, if you take it to the streets you are the MAJOR CAUSE of petty crimes in MALAYSIA because you took away the resources that should have been use to prevent crime in our country! So guys go and think about it before you behave like a MAT REMPIT!



1. Rajiv - August 1, 2009

welcome back

2. Lina - August 2, 2009

Can’t blame people go to street to get what they want… don’t forget PPSMI died partly because of the street demonstration not long ago… They believe government responds to street demo from past experience…
Hope more Malaysian story are coming…

3. Rakyat - August 3, 2009

It is really a sorry state for our next generation that their future has to be compromised due to politics. Is this really what we want? And our MOE good in international arena in term of initiating model to support teaching and learning but always “hangat-hangat tahi ayam” after few years!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to vent our frustrations.

4. Shamed - August 5, 2009

After reading the malay daily Utusan Malaysia (If you can call this a paper) I was of the opinion that the idiot called Dr Mohd Riduan Tee is a stupid pig with no brains and only fit to be slaughtered. Anyone with a birds brains could have done better! How dare he claim that he is a muslim! I feel ashame of being associated to him even having the same faith!

5. Malaysian - August 8, 2009

How can we not take to the streets. Look, when the GMP took to the streets the then Prime Minister was so impressed that he directed the Minister of Education to take immediate action. Further street demonstrations lead to the decision by the government to do away with PPSMI. I guess if the GMI are as persistent as the GMP the should achieve their goal of doing away with ISA! Look what the government had create!!!

6. weber - August 9, 2009

there were direction and efforts to bring the issue of ISA into Parliament but it was sadly and utterly rejected. When doors of option were kept close by those who suppose to keep them open, no wonder people take it to the streets…

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