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Lim’s Big “Pening Kepala” Over Kg Buah Pala Issue July 8, 2009

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While Penang is famous for nutmeg fruit (buah pala), the controversial Kampung Buah Pala, also known as Penang’s High Chaparral, is very much synonym with Bukit Gelugor.

But I am not sure if the village falls under the Bukit Gelugor parliament constituency where DAP chairman Karpal Singh is the MP.

Mostly Indians inhibit Kampung Buah Pala. They deemed and considered the area as heritage, except that the land they are occupying doesn’t belong to them.

More Cows than Residents?Residents there also rear cows which sometimes become nuisance to those staying nearby, especially folks in Bukit Gelugor. This is the reason why the village is called High Chaparral. Maybe they are more cows than human beings living in the area.

Who have the rights?Kampung Buah Pala is now involved in a controversy. Residents there have been issued with eviction notice as the landowner, Nusmetro Ventures, is planning to build a condominium on that disputed land.

Nusmetro Ventures is a Penang-based company with its office in Jelutong. You can see the office clearly if you drive along the Jelutong Expressway towards Georgetown.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been caught off-guard with the issue. He doesn’t know what to do.

He is vacillating whether to fight for Kg Buah Pala residents or defending the rights of Numestro, the landowner.

Don't Play-playLim cannot be seen siding the developer as he would be labeled as betraying the rakyat. He cannot be seen championing the residents as the court had made decision in favor of the company.

The issue has caused Lim to suffer serious “Pening Kepala.” The problem could have been solved if BN was still in control of the state.

The Kg Buah Pala residents have only themselves to be blamed for allowing PR to take control of Penang.

So, what is Lim going to do next. Let us watch and see.



1. justice seeker - July 9, 2009

WHERE ARE THE DAP, PKR AND PAS CHAMPION? Everyone is washing their hands now. well, it is easier said than done. A test acide for guan eng’s government and cerdibility?

2. lim air itam - July 9, 2009

we have had enuf of guan eng ande his clowns. nothing positive for the ecomy forthcoming. he is behaving as if he is still an opposition member. balik melaka lah guan eng

3. DAP - July 9, 2009

Stop talking about nothing, what have you people done? Nothing as well, worst, look at the stupid policy your Minister of Uneducation had made!

4. salleh sandakan - July 10, 2009

aiya mr dap! kite undi bn mesti lah bn tolong same kite. itu minister punya policy betul la. apa u mau. bagi sekolah cina lagi banyak ka? balik cina la tengok la lu punya hua jintao ada kasi u sekolah cina ka? bagi lu punya muka makeup ka? sedar diri lah. lu datang malaysia naik tongkang. sampai sini mau itu ini. ini orang melayu punya tanah la. please la..jangan cakap tak sedar diri. lu bangsa merempat dulu k.

5. edmond - August 13, 2009

itu federal court sudah kata nusmetro punya tanah… mau bantah kah?

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