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Swine Influenza ” Hits Kedah July 5, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in A New Chapter, Storm In Pakatan, Transformation in PKR.

It is not a surprise at all as many have predicted it to happen. I have anticipated it to come about long time ago.

Kedah DAP pulls out of state government over abattoir, DAP keluar Pakatan and Pakatan set for collapse in Kedah were among the headlines in the main newspapers today (July 02).

The reason for DAP’s sudden outburst being PAS insensitivities to the needs of the handful Chinese in Kedah by demolishing an abattoir for pigs.

What a petty and trivial issue it is. If they cannot even sit together and resolve a simple issue involving pigs, I believe they would be in for bigger trouble when it comes to issues like hudud and Islamic laws.

The Cause?The DAP in that state also removed Kota Darulaman state assemblyman Lee Guak Aik from the PR state government as a protest.

Its chairman Thomas Su said the decision to demolish the pig’s abattoir was the last straw.

To Thomas Su, pigs are more important than human beings. The issue raised by Thomas is insensitivity. I don’t think he has grounds to talk about insensitivity.

I say this because he should study the state’s demographics.

There are 1,336,352 Malays (who make up about 75.5% of the state’s population), 252,987 Chinese (or 14.2%), 122,911 Indians (or 6.9%), 35,293 non-citizens (or 1.9%) and 27,532 people from other ethnic groups (or 1.5%) in the state.

So, what insensitivity is he talking about? I dont have to elaborate or argue over his outburst and threats if we are to look at the statistics above.

It is only common sense that the interest and sensitivity of the bigger majority should be looked into first.

The Source?“Go ahead, If it (Kedah DAP) thinks its is bigger than the national DAP,” Kedah MB Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak said in response to Thomas pullout threat.

For once, I agree with you Azizan.

Kedah should be a peaceful state as its name Darul Aman or “Abode of Peace” suggests.

The Reason?But it seems that the swine influenza” has taken its toll on Kedah.



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