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Is There Really Light At The End Of The Tunnel? June 26, 2009

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Soon, 60,000 Umno members from 10,000 branches nationwide will determine the leadership in UMNO when the party amends its constitution to authorise leaders at branch level to vote in Umno election.

It is aimed at eradicating widespread money politics during party election and to ensure that voices from the party grassroot level are heard.

The proposed amendments are some of the extreme efforts initiated to reform and rejuvenate the party following the disgrace exit of ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and BN poor showing in the last general election. It is also to make Umno relevant and accepted by the Malays.

What puzzles me here is that despite knowing that they will be judged by the 60,000 members, the top party leaders, especially state liaison chiefs, are still seen entertaining and kowtowing the antics and frolics of the few division heads.

“Sepetang Bersama Ketua Bahagian” (An Evening With Division Chiefs) and state liaison meeting are some of the time-wasting agendas which are being arranged by these division head honchos for their state bosses.

The agendas are merely to serve their personal interests, insignificant and meant nothing to the ordinary members or the party’s struggles.

I wonder why they still allowed themselves to be lulled by these head honchos and neglected the grassroot members.

Zahid For instance, Penang Umno liaison chairman Datuk Seri Zahi Hamidi’s trip to Penang on Thursday was pre-occupied with agendas to serve the division heads.

From touch down at 4pm Thursday to take off at 7am on Friday, there was not even a moment for Zahid to meet or interact with grassroot members or the rakyat.

He was pulled by the nose by these selfish Umno leaders for teh tarik, durian feast, an evening with them at Sunway Hotel and a marathon meeting at the Jawi Golf Club which serve no purpose.

They have been meeting after meeting held between them but no action plan has been physically seen or felt by the people after each meeting.

It really amused me when Umno talks about reforms and changes in the party. All the talks remain as rhetoric.

“I do not see how Umno can wrest Penang from PR if this is Umno,” one senior Umno leader said.



1. UMNO - June 28, 2009

Basically the idea seemed very good and I hope that everyone in it should play a clean game and not try to bend rules on technicalities. Nevertheless it needed time to sink in. Well if the division chiefs are behaving in such a manner like you say, it won’t benefit them but other members’ aspiration to be new heads. Similarly the state heads as well cos they will be booted out in the next GA. For the moment, others should work hard towards strengthening UMNO so that when time comes you can take over UMNO and at least it will be a strong UMNO that you are taking over. If you play ball with them now, you only have a weak UMNO when you take over. So Think HARD!

2. Rakyat - June 28, 2009

UMNO has to change drastically in their thinking, assumptions, strategy of winning the Rakyat minds and hearts, and walk the talk. A lot of politicians in the UMNO from the a small division to the state division are only good at rhetoric and popularity and political posts for personal gains, not the rakyat. Remember, the rakyat are watching like a hawk, not to mention the Oppositions, One slip, they will slaughter UMNO in the next PRU.DSN cannot stop or control how others think. But if they have done a great job. Then it would be great enough!

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