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Nizar Jamaluddin – A clown In His Own Circus June 17, 2009

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I suggest that a poll be carried out if the rakyat are really behind or supporting the hedonistic and pleasure-seeking style of politics embraced and played by Pakatan-Rakyat leaders.

They used the word rakyat to decriminalize their actions but I wonder if the rakyat are really supporting and agree with their behavior and frolics.

The latest incident, on the first day of Parliament session on Monday, is another testament of the ruckus behavior of Pakatan-Rakyat leaders led by newly sworn-in Bukit Gantang MP Nizar Jamaludin who is a PAS leader.

Seconds after taking his oath, he shouted hidup rakyat, bubar DUN (long live the people, dissolve the state assembly) and put a black headband bearing the words Bubar Dun.

Is this a zoo?

Is this a zoo?

Subsequently, he was booted out of the House along with several other PR MPs.

Unquestionably, his behavior does not reflect his high stature in society but such manner belongs to the monkeys in the zoo.

No wonder, they even went to the extent of holding a state assembly session under a tree which is normally associated with the primate.

I don’t think majority of the rakyat who voted him agree with the way he behaves. In fact, PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa attempted to distance himself from the fiasco, saying Nizar had acted in unison with his opposition colleagues from Perak without informing the party.

Nizar is not only an embarrassment to the country but was using the Parliament House to grab attention and spotlight from the foreign media.

His style of politics of using the rakyat will backfire and boomerang. I believe not everyone in this country concur with what Nizar is doing.

Many of us, especially the poor, are still waiting in agony promises made by Nizar and his colleagues in PR to uplift their living standard and economic development they had pledged before they were voted to power.

Nizar must have forgotten that he did not get a convincing majority when he won the Bukit Gantang by-election.

Nizar only managed a majority of 2,780 votes against Barisan’s Ismail Safian who garnered 19, 071 votes.

He must remember that they are many people in Bukit Gantang who do not support him.

I believe Nizar will be vilified by the rakyat in the next General Election if he continues to be a clown in his own circus.



1. YOP PERAK - June 17, 2009

kami dah muak, jemu dan bosan dengan gelajat si nizar berok makyeh ni..keroje lain takde, dok sebuk jadi monyet di sana sini..apa idaknye, bapak monyet anwar ibrahim dok suruh si nizar ni melompat macam kera kene belacan..udah le tu!

2. Perakian - June 17, 2009

At least its better than street protest lah. If he is wrong to do that then take legal action on himlah stupid! When that Dung Moktar talk rubbish in parliment or that gangster Kali Jongkol behave like a along in the parliment, what did the Altek Lensing SPEAKER do? Nothing so exactly what’s wrong with the system, the rakyat can gauge lah.

3. Tun Sri Lanang - June 17, 2009

much has been publicized about nizar’s antics and behaviour. i dont really understand what he is trying to achieve. Personal glory, cheap publicity, show off, protest or what? But nothing is forthcoming from nizar on his agenda and plan for the rakyat.

4. wan farizul s - June 17, 2009

i see that most of the clowning around involved pkr leaders. not barisan or in government. i dont understand why they like that. are they serious to help us and the poor. they are like kids. not matured and like morons. what a shame.

5. PKR - June 18, 2009

Ya say what you like, you BN people are all the same, very arrogant and thinks that you are the only people that is intelligent while the rakyat are stupid. At least the opposition are like kids innocent unlike the likes of you that is matured, cunning, sneaky, opportunist and all other traits that you consider matured? So now, who do you perfer?

6. zulfazli amran - June 18, 2009

helo bro pkr..dah terang lagi bersuluh..jangan la menidakkan perkara yang benar. mengaku jelah telatah keberokan pemimpin pkr. mahkamah hanya adil bila menyebelahi kamu. tepuk dada tanya selera lah bro. jangan jadi kaduk naik junjung.

7. PKR - June 18, 2009

Hi saudara Zulfazli, kalau lah mereka gitu buruk seperti engkau sangka, tentu rakyat akan kalahkan mereka semasa pilihanraya kecil, jangan lah engkau satu orang saja yang betul rakyat jelata lain semua salah! Nilailah sendiri! Kalau u semua betul ki lah pilihanraya sekali lagi tengok siapa salah!

8. anwar diehard - June 18, 2009

long live pkr..long live pr..long live anwar ibrahim…

9. anti sodomy - June 18, 2009

what a disgust. you fellas have a leader who likes to use the backdoor..pity u guys.

10. PKR - June 19, 2009

What is the difference with you know who? Getting others to clean up his mess?

11. mat isa - July 25, 2009

nizar gila kuasa dah tak pikir hal agama yang dilaung2 oleh par selama ini muasabah diri lah

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