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PAS Joining Barisan Soon? June 15, 2009

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Recently there’s been some and wide speculations that PAS would leave the fragile Pakatan-Rakyat sooner than expected for the sake of Malay unity and to protect the sanctity of Islam.

The PAS-Umno co-operation is no longer a secret but an open debate and a modicum of concern among PR member parties and the people in general.

Two Malay-based political parties are talking and discussing to find some common ground after battling out for votes in the March 8, general election,.

The talks, emanating from former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was under pressure after Barisan Nasional’s dismal performance, was hoping to convince Pas leaders that in the wake of Election 2008 both Umno and Pas must ensure that the interests of Malays/Muslims must be safeguarded.
Being under tremendous pressure and demands for his resignation, Abdullah was trying to locate higher grounds for his safety.
The government-owned bungalow in Jalan Bellamy was what used to be the secret rendezvous between Andullah and his PAS nemesis Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin Mat Isa..
The meetings were held without Husam Musa, who was leading the Erdogan Group which is linked to Anwar Ibrahim and their spiritual leader Nik Aziz who is against any talks and co-operation with Umno.
The bungalow was Abdullah’s former residence when he was the Foreign Minister..
Those familiar with the series of meetings recalled that the sodomy case against Anwar was also raised during discussions
While Abdullah was trying to safe his skin following Barisan’s disastrous showing in he GE, Hadi and Nasharuddin were suspicious of Anwar’s growing stature in Pakatan Rakyat
Abdullah’s strategy did not succeed because information about the meetings with Pas leaders was leaked and he was forced to confirm it sooner than he would have liked.
But Umno officials and those in Pas sympathetic to unity talks were not to let the matter die despite Abdullah’s departure from office.
Except for Nik Aziz who is seen as the main stumbling block, the path is clear for Hadi and Nasharuddin to continue their talks to achieve common grounds pertaining to the interest of the Malays and safeguard our religion.
For the old guards in PAS, such talks is not uncommon as PAS was part of the Barisan Nasional when the party joined the ruling-coalition in 1974.
Some key dates to evoke our minds on PAS history:
1955: Is registered as Parti Islam SeMalaysia.
• 1959: Comes to power in Kelantan during the general election. It rules for 18 years.
• 1974: Joins the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.
• 1977: Is expelled from BN amid an internal leadership crisis.
• 1978: Contests on its own in elections but loses in its bid to capture Kelantan, which is won by Umno.
• 1990: Collaborates with Semangat 46, a breakaway Umno faction, and wins the state of Kelantan in the elections.
2008: Collaborates with Pakatan-Rakyat to topple Barisan Nasional and wins in Kelantan and Kedah. Formed the Perak state government with the coalition of DAP and PKR but lost the state government to Barisan this year after a DAP and two PKR state assemblymen declared themselves as Independent assemblymen and supported BN to form the government in the state.


1. Angry - June 15, 2009

Dear Blogger, please be reminded that we have been following your blog for sometime and finds that this blog gives a fair view of the stories, but this one is quite out of the norm! Are you saying its all right for the Malays to gang up on the other races? Don’t be such a racist! If we don’t read your blog it’ll be only some garbage in cyber space! Malaysia is for all Malaysian and don’t you dare try to skewed it otherwise! Don’t sabotage Datuk Seri Najib’s effort to realise his 1Malaysia vision. Its racist like you that makes all the chaos! So buckle up or get kick out!

2. Watchful - June 15, 2009

Are you telling us that PAS and UMNO is the same, it seems like that cos all over the papers they are getting together and u are insinuating that they are ganging up against the other races! I pity Najib having Malaysians like you! Messing up his effort of 1Malaysia. Stop all these nonsense and get back to work!

3. Alice Seah - June 17, 2009

we donot mind pas and umno to reconcile but make sure the chinese and other races are not affected in any way. our livelihood, cari makan and economy..whatever it is, how the government performs that matters most

4. dr zainal salimin - June 17, 2009

untuk kesjhateraan, kepentingan orang melayu, eloklah jika pas dan umno berbaik-baik semula.. tidak ada cacat-celanya dan tidak ada yang berdosa jika itu yang dilakukan. allah telah befirman,”Berpeganglah kamu dengan tali allah, janganlah kamu berpecah-belah.” Apakah firman ini belum cukup untuk kita orang melayu yang rata-rata beragama islam untuk bersatu dan menuju ke jalan allah. please, put politics aside and lets be united for the betterment of our ummah

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