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Pakatan Rakyat Declares Unity Talks A Pandemic June 13, 2009

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It’s a pandemic now. WHO raises alert to maximum level and declared the influenza A (H1N1) a pandemic.

Likewise, the alarm has also been raised by members of the fragile and flimsy Pakatan-Rakyat when another member, PAS, showed their adamant to precede with the ongoing unity talks to form a unity government with Umno.

“Like the H!N! influenza, the talks are also a pandemic in Pakatan-Rakyat. We are 101% against the talks as it will defeat our endeavour to topple Barisan in the next General Election,” a senior DAP leader in Penang said.

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is speechless and flabbergasted over the talks but has made his stance clear that he is against the talks.

However, it is a different scenario in PAS when the party’s spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat has labelled those who want the unity talks as Umno puppets.

He said that he will not shut up – defying a call by PAS leaders who want members to keep quiet about the talks with Umno.

I wonder what brand of Islam is the so-called Tok Guru is advocating and preaching.

Doesn’t he understand that unity is the basic pillar of strength in Islam that brings the ummah together that has turned them into a force to be reckoned with.

The importance and need to be united among Muslims is mentioned repeatedly not only in the Al-Quran but is the same magnitude is also reminded in the Hadith.

So, I don’t quiet understand why Nik Aziz isso much against the unity talks and at the same time preaching for PAS members to be united under the Islamic party umbrella.

Maybe he thinks and perceives that Umno members, who are Muslims, are less pious than PAS members and it is better to kowtow and work with his non-Muslim and less pious friends in PR.

Like Lim Kit Siang, other DAP leaders, especially Karpal Singh, are also astounded by the unity talks.

As I have mentioned in my earlier postings, the coalition made up between PAS, DAP and PKR is indeed a marriage of convenience aimed at toppling Barisan and not because of other reasons. And the marriage is on the rock.

And soon the pandemic will turn into pandemonium in Pakatan-Pakatan Rakyat. It is a matter of time now. Let’s watch and see.



1. Malaysian - June 13, 2009

Let’s face it, MCA wants to quit Barisan and is getting the pressure from the Malaysian Chinese, so are they going to quit? Don’t try to shift the topic to Hadi Awang! Probably its one of Anwar Ibrahim’s scheme again! I hope UMNO would wake up and rule the country wisely instead of playing the political games of trying to paint others black. It will back fire! Time is running out, so pull up your socks and work hard and prove to the rakyat that you can really deliver. It doesn’t matter if Pakatan is doing ok, the rakyat is NOT STUPID, we can see for ourselves.

2. Razif - June 14, 2009

Ya, stop going around the bush and turning Malaysia into a large ZOO or circus, we have too many clowns already. I think its tome you politicians get down to work. Cut the nonsense of going around the town visiting the rakyat, its a waste of public funds, all the overtime paid to the body guards! Stay focus on your job, we are watching. We want to see how the wealth is distributed and we want to see economic progress and food on our table! All the politicking about PPSMI is rubbish! Stop wasting time and make sure our kids are competitive internationally! You guys send your kids to international schools overseas so we know you can afford to let the local system rot and still don’t care!

3. Pakatan Rakyat - June 14, 2009

Well if they are really panicking then let them be. Why bother, unless its what you are hoping!

4. dr otman abidin - June 14, 2009

we all know that pakatan-rakyat is besieged with internal problems. they have not settled the hudud issue, the rights of the malays, the sovereignity of the malay rulers, the party hoping promoted by anwar ibrahim and many others. and now they are talking and condemning about unity talks. well, it reflects so much of politicking in pr. nothing else but politics. let judge them by their action in the next general election

5. Mae Mae - June 14, 2009

It is crucial for the Government to focus on the administration of this country instead of wasting precious energy trying to counter opposition propagandas. It is true that the Government needs to listen better and that would enhance cooperation between all the parties to ensure things are successful. However what people concern is that ministers are too busy with politics rather than our economy. I have always wondered why are most of the Malay leaders or top management so cautious and fearful of the non-Malays, especially the Chinese? It’s also happen in the ministry I work with! What potential threats do they perceive the Chinese have against the Malays? There’s only few of us and we are professional like the rest of our Malay colleagues and in facts work hard like others and contribute to the development of the nation. Is it threats to Islam or threats to their desires to wrestle for personal wealth and power within the Government? The fact that only through working hand in hand by all race can make Malaysia become a great country. It can never be achieved with perennial problem caused by the implementation of race-based policy. A fair society will enhance cooperation and harmony that is crucial for Malaysia. Know that DSN have been working closely with the Chinese leaders and know them well. With his wisdom and experience, I believe DSN would have the answers.

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