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Lim And Anwar’s Interpretation Of Press Freedom June 8, 2009

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What sort of press freedom is Lim Guan Eng promoting and advocating?

Press freedom to serve their political interest and agenda or freedom of the press that is truly free and fair?

Lim and his buddy Anwar Ibrahim are quick to demonize Barisan Nasional and UMNO for controlling, twisting and spinning the mainstream media, i.e. Utusan Malaysia, the Media Prima conglomerate and those operating in Angkasapuri, against them.

Often at news conferences held by either Lim or Anwar, they will take a swipe at reporters from the mainstream media for concocting stories against them.

Of late, they have taken a more extreme approach by banning reporters from Utusan and the New Straits Times from covering events held by the state government.

The latest incident happened at the swearing-in of the new MPSP president Mokhtar Mohd Jait where the assistant bureau chief from Utusan Hasnurul Mohamad was asked to leave Lim’s press conference.

Hasnurul complained that Lim’s special office Wong Kim Fei, had approached her twice, one during Mokhtar’s swearing-in ceremony, to tell her that she was not invited.

“How can this bloody Wong said such thing to me and embarassed me infront of the others,” Hasnurul who was fuming mad told one of reporters who was also covering the event on Thursday.

She was again chased away by this Wong when she sat in Lim’s Press conference.

Another reporter who sitting besides Hasnurul attempted to defend Hasnurul and argued with Lim but Lim cut short the episode by saying that he was merely following instructions from Anwar.

What a joke! Lim could not even gave satisfactory reply when he was cornered by the reporter who asked him if it would cause harm to him and the state government by the mere presence of Hasnurul at his press conference.

He blamed Anwar when he was caught off guard and likewise, Anwar would use Lim as his excuse when a similar incident happened during his press conferences.

For the record, reporters in The New Straits Times are still being prohibited to do coverage on the state government’s functions and events until today.

I wonder what sort of press freedom are they talking about during their rally and ceramahs when they do not even know its real definition.

Maybe to them, press freedom is when only something good is written about them.



1. PKR Forever - June 9, 2009

I guess Mr Lim Guan Eng is emulating our home ministry in his effort to run a state. Since they do not control the publishing licenses, they can only whipped the press for mis behaving by boycotting them in state functions. Things could have gone uglier if they decide to get the citizen of Penang state to boycott NST!

2. China Kampung - June 11, 2009

Dear Mr PKR Forever, I feel so sorry for you that you have to come up with excuses for the top leaders follies, nevertheless, we should do what we preach otherwise what makes us different from them? As a citizen, why should we shift our support from a known devil to an unknown devil? Maybe they are worse!

3. Alice Seah - June 11, 2009

i heard about this banning of media by lim. i think they are showing their true colors now. we all in penang are also piss off with the way lim is administering the state, too much politics. for god sake, my kids are growing up and it is not a good thing for lim to do and to show. its all emotionally driven politics

4. Blogger - June 11, 2009

Hei Mr Blogger, the same thing happen during the UMNO general Assembly, passes were only given to blind reporters who can only hear annd report the speeches. Those who read between the lines and see the actual happenings were not given press pass! So what is the difference?

5. Muthu - July 21, 2009

At east they are kicking out the racist news papers the likes of berita harian and utusan melayu! Keep it up Lim

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