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Lim Guan Eng To PKR MPSP Councilors: Jangan Berlagak (Do Not Show Off) June 4, 2009

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The boycott by eight PKR MPSP councilors during the swearing-in of Mokhtar Mohd Jait as the new MPSP president is attestation that PKR leaders are power craze. Mokhtar, 53, the former Seberang Perai Utara district officer was appointed by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and was endorsed by PKR new Deputy Chief Minister 1 Dr Mansor Othman. However, the appointment had broken the camel’s back (in this case the camel is PKR whip in MPSP Johari Kassim), as he has been eyeing the post since last year. Johari had led six other friends, except Farid Arshad, to show their dissent by boycotting the ceremony at MPSP head office in Bandar Baru Perda in Bukit Mertajam. Farid who attended the ceremony said he did not agree with what they did as the appointment is the prerogative of Lim as the Chief Minister. “I am insisting that the post belongs to PKR,” Johari said when met by the media before the swearing-in ceremony on Thursday (June 4). Johari statement sounds funny, as there is not provision in the laws to say that the MPSP post belongs to the party. “We have said it from day 1 when the PR government was formed in Penang that the post belongs to us,” Johari said to the bemused newsmen. The visibly upset Lim also took a swipe at the PKR councilors when he said, ‘Jangan berlagak seperti exco kalau bukan exco,” Lim had apparently referring to the two PKT state excos who had agreed to Mokhtar’s appointment but not the eight councilors. This testifies that Johari being the PKR whip in MPSP is more interested to pursue his personal agenda and interests rather than to serve the rakyat. However, many of us fail to see this, as most of us are gullible and easily fooled by the PKR and its leaders. Let’s see if we are still naive and credulous in our judgment come July 1 when Anwr Ibrahim sodomy trial begins.



1. Manickam Nadeson - June 4, 2009

When this PKR fellows going to change? why they carry the UMNO attitude along when they joined PKR. I see there were many others in the party who is going to create havoc during the next General Election. It’s high times for Pakatan Rakyat to kick this fools away. They were the real culprits in PR. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have to identify the culprits and sack them strait away from the party. They won’t bring any good to the public. I have personally experienced the back stab by the PKR people. As long as they were in the party, there is no hope the party can excel.

2. LK Yong - June 5, 2009

the problem is not only PKR..its also the DAP who has lost the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat since their success in the last election.. The stupid Komtar assemblyman trying to play the same game by saying ‘they think they are umno but we are not gerakan’. What type of comment is this coming from the pol sec of the CM? is DAP playin a racial game here? DAP in Penang has been sideling PKR for the past one year and eventho the population of Malays in the state is more than 40%, it is is under represented.. Guan Eng pledged to be a leader for all race, but they are getting worst than Gerakan. Remember..DAP was part of PAP Singapore..i just hope they dont turn penang into singapore.. we want to live in harmony with the chinese indians and malays..so DAP! Pls stop playing this bossy-stupid game of yours and govern with the true PR spirit

3. Sahabat Lama - June 5, 2009

aku bukan tak kenal Dr Mansor. Duduk sekali kat Taman Sri Nibong. Aku ingat die stay kat area surau taman Sri Nibong. Die nie lecturer USM tapi penentang kerajaan No 1. Ikut Pak Sheikh yang main bontot jantan. nasib baik bontot Dr Mansor pak Sheikh tak lanyak.

4. s. k. lim - June 6, 2009

i dont delve and talk too much about politics. but from my own rreading and obesrvations, i feel that soemthing not rite is going on within pakatan rakyat. too much politicking in pr spells big trouble in little penang.

5. mau tanjung - June 6, 2009

mamu dah habaq dari awai. cuba hangpa baca posting awai2 kat blog ni. penulis ni punya baccan pasai politik di penang memang betui, terutama pasai pkr dan dap. die nak ahli nujum pak belalang gamaknya..mamu harap penulis ni bagi tau kat depa suma pasai belang dap dan pkr. masalahnye, depa yang dok sokong buta perut.

6. sahabat baru - June 6, 2009

sahabat lama hang tau tak dosa fitnah orang tak mcm mana?taubatlah wahai sahabat

7. hong meow - June 27, 2009

Lee Kuan Yew is a great man.Whatever he did whether it is right or wrong in the eye of critics he made Singapore a great country.
Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dr.M contributed greatly to the development of Malaysia.
Let us observe the present leaders.There many many Laws in the country that can put a “unwanted man” in jail. eg ISA,emergency ordinance,sedition act etc.
But are those unlucky souls the enemies of the country or the enemies of the ruling class?
Anwar went to jail for anal sex.There are many pontans selling anal sex to customers every night and day.Why are they still free.????The federal constitution says that everybody is equal before the law????

Tiong King Sing plundered the country of RM 12.5 billion.Why is he not taken in under ISA? Is it because it is tied up with his ” MPS to Taiwan agriculture trip ” It is a good trip.The village rubber tapping boy upgraded himself to Taiwan standards.

Our country is facing a trade deficient.

One former President of Philippines was sentence to death for plundering the country’s coffers,

The Malaysian Parliament should pass a bill to make this offense a death by hanging sentence.

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