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Zahrain Out, Dr Mansor In June 1, 2009

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Penang PKR chief Datuk Zahrain Hashim is unhappy and frustrated when his nemesis Dr Mansor Osman was named as the party candidate for the Penanti by-election.

Zahrain was also upset that Barisan decided not to contest in the by-election.

It was strange of Zahrain who is described by his friends as Anwar’s fuddy-duddy and diehard follower to react that way.

Zahrain, known as an iron-fist leader, among his friends and colleagues in PKR, is also hoping that Dr Mansor will lose in the by-election. Why?

The reason is simple. Zahrain will be sidelined and marginalized by Anwar if Dr Mansor wins and made the new Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1.

Pict 1

Pict 2Dr Mansor will also be appointed to replace Zahrain as Penang PKR state liaison committee chairman.

Zahrain will not be able to maneuver and call the shots in Penang as the game will be played according to Dr Mansor’s plan and not Zahrain’s. That is why he is not happy and upset.

The Tiga Abdul game plan will not work with Dr Mansor as all their antics are in his pocket.

Dr Mansor has to proof his capabilities and leadership qualities to Anwar or he will suffer the same fate as his predecessor Mohamed Fairus Khairuddin.

He has to control the Tiga Abdul, the other two are state exco member Abdul Malik Abul Kassim and PKR state election director Mustapa Kamal and avoid from being pulled by the nose by the trio.

It will not be easy for Dr Mansor as the Tiga Abdul is so powerful in PKR Penang that they can “fire” whoever they don’t like and “appoint” those who are in their good book.

“This is the reality in PKR,” former Kedah AMK chief Zamil Ibrahim said.

“It also happened in Kedah where your contributions and loyalty are not appreciated.

“Everyone in the party is fighting for self-interest and Anwar is only interested to be the Prime Minister,” the party’s former Pokok Sena division chief A. Jayagopal told me when I met him sometime ago.

Like Umno, PKR is also in the brink of extinction if the party does not change and reform.



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