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The Tiga Abdul In PKR Penang May 31, 2009

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It tickles me when someone told me that there is this TIGA ABDUL in PKR Penang. It reminds of the famous slapstick series titled The Three Stooges, famous back in the 70s.

For the comedy episode in TIGA ABDUL, the actors are state PKR chairman Datuk Mohamad Zahrain Hashim, PKR works secretary Abdul Malik Abul Kassim who is also a state exco member and the party’s state election director Mustapa Kamal, all three are known to me.

Zahrain, Mo in the case of the Three Stooges, leads this Malay version of the Three Stooges.

The Tiga Abdul roles are not hilarious by the way. They play with power, force members and other leaders in the party to bow to their demands and sack dissents.

They would ask leaders whom are not aligned to them to sign letters demanding them to relinquish their posts, albeit not at their own will, so that they could appoint their friends.

This was what happened to former PKR Jelutong division chairman Zarus Yusof and his deputy.

They were sacked for not giving in to demands of the Tiga Abdul. I was informed that in this case, Mustapa Kamal or known as Pak Mus, is a Yes Man to the other two.

There is truth in what Kak Min said in the media over the past three days. She claimed that Zahrain also humiliated her.

Well, the politics in PKR is dirty, smelly and stinking. They always condemned Barisan or Umno but they fail to see their own backyard which is full of filth and grime.

Zahrain is a famous figure in Penang but for the bad reasons. He was famous for creating phantom members in Tanjung Umno division so that he could maintain his position as the division chief.

Tan Sri Khalid Sulaiman who was state Umno liaison secretary at the time was instructed to clean up Tanjung Umno membership list.

Zahrain had used the identity of dead persons, schoolchildren to create phantom members.

I hope Zahrain will not sue me for telling the truth.



1. jamil al juburi - June 1, 2009
2. LK Yong - June 5, 2009

pathethic attempt by the writer to discredit the honest and hardworking zahrain.. he’s a charasmatic leader and been doing great things for the PKR Penang so far. im just wondering if this blog is an anti-establishment blog..i have no idea how is that going to contribute towards a better Malaysia..what an irony..

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