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Kak Min Versus Zahrain May 29, 2009

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ndependent candidate Aminah Abdullah, 56, will defend her dignity and the truth at all costs as she has nothing to fear.

“I maybe poor and a woman but I will defend my dignity at all costs,” Aminah or known as Kak Min said when referring to her spat with Penang PKR chief Datuk Zahrain Mohamad Hashim.

Kak Min said Zahrain is an iron-fist leader and would victimise whoever is against him.

For the record, Zahrain was former Tanjung Umno division chief in the 90s where the issue of phantom-members was widespread during his tenure as the division chief.

He was also the Penang Port executive chairman when he was holding the political post where the port management was investigated for embezzling public funds.

He was also probed by the then Anti-Corruption Agency for buying a yacht for his personal use and to entertain his friends.

Kak Min said the state PKR information youth chief also threatened to slap her face for revealing Zahrain’s inability and iron-fist rule as well as for defending others who were victimised by Zahrain to Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah.

“Zahrain will sack whoever obstruct his path. The victims include former Jelutong division chief Zarus Yusof,” he said.

Instead of resolving the problem I brought up to state party leaders, they orchestrated a conspiracy to throw Kak Min and to shut her mouth.

“They filed 11 charges against me and I was asked to defend myself,” she said.

Kak Min said state exco member Law Choo Kiang was asked to preside over Kak Min’s case and Law was shocked as Law knew Kak Min personally and her hardwork.

The case did not have merit and no action was taken against Kak Min until today.

So, who is telling the truth? Kak Min or Zahrain?



1. amin tanjung - May 31, 2009

kita orang tanjung sume kenal sape zahrain yang sebenarnye. perangai buruknya, gelojohnya dan ketamakannya. sape tak tau pasangan ideal zahrain-ibrahim daging yang melingkupkan umno dan tanjung dan ppsb. bukan satu kejutan dengan perangai lamanya sebabgai ketua pkr. cume manusia yang buta hati saje yang akan menyokong zahrain.

2. patrick see - May 31, 2009

please dont associated the pst with present. the people are with pkr now and whats wrong with it. bn has ruled for too long, given the chance, but they blew it up. dont be sour grape la fren…

3. melayu tanjung - June 5, 2009

orang mamak tanjung mcm amin ni memang mangkok ayun sikit..sapa pelingkup ppsb?hang tak pernah amik tau pasai prestasi syarikat jgn dok cakap la..pi tengok masa zahrain..ppsb untung dan prestasi meningkat..mai masa mat hajar ketua bahagian UMENO hg yang la ni..bagi pelingkup lagi ada la..cakap jangan la sebarang cakap..nak cakap kena ada fakta..ini nak fitnah saja kerja..

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