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Kak Min To PKR: “Go Ahead And Sue Me” May 28, 2009

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“Go ahead and sue me,” that was the immediate response of Aminah Abdullah or better known as Kak Min, the independent candidate contesting in the Penanti by-election to Parti Keadilan Rakyat election director Saifuddin Nasution.

Kak Min who is former Penang PKR Wanita Chief was responding to Saiifuddin’s threat to take legal action against Kak Min if she does not apologize and retract her allegations made against PKR that she was offered the Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 post if she wins and rejoin PKR.

Kak Min also claimed that two PKR leaders, Cheah Kah Peng, and Lim Eng Nam who admitted meeting Kak Min at her house on May 13, had also offered her the Penang Municical Council chief post if she withdrew from the contest.

A sum of RM80,000 was also on the table to compensate Kak Min for what she had spent so far in preparing for the by-election.

“I am telling the truth and I have nothing to fear or hide. Infact, they have not served the notice demanding for the apology and retraction to me until now (12pm on May 27),” Kak Min said.

I believe Kak Min was telling the truth about PKR and the man named Anwar Ibrahim. Otherwise he would not have revealed the stinking truth about PKR leaders as it would be too costly for her if the matter is dragged in court.

No one would want to be grilled for more than 12 hours over two days by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) if they are not telling the truth. The fact that Kak had volunteered to give evidence and endure the 12-hopur interrogation showed that she was sincere and telling the truth.

The courageous Kak Min had also disclosed how she was humiliated by her PKR state chief Datuk Zahrain Hashim in full view of the public.

“I hope Zahrain still remember the incident in Jawi, Nibong Tebal,” she said.

I guess she was referring to PKR’s service centre in Jawi, the house owned by Tan Tee Beng, the lazy Batu Kawan MP who was declared a bankrupt over contra share issues.

She reported the matter to Anwar Ibrahim and the then PKR president Wan Azizah who is Anwar’s wife, but no action was taken against Zahrain.

Instead of action against Zahrain, Anwar, Wan Azizah and Zahrain concocted a story against Kak Min and filed 11 charges against Kak Min which Kak Min refused to disclose.

Kak Min said she had enough of PKR and the antics. She quit PKR last year.

“I quit because I lost faith in the leadership. Anwar and PKR have deviated from their original struggles. It is all bogged down with personal interests and power struggles.

“Have you ever heard them shouting Reformasi now,” Kak Min asked.



1. Penang Nite - May 28, 2009

Don’t worry Aminah, the 11 charges that Anwar cooked up will be made public as soon as its near the penanti by-election. Nevertheless, I was a little suprise that the MACC is so swift to act on the PAS and Aminah’s claims whereas they were tremendously slow on the two Preak’s frogs and Khairy Jamaluddin’s (case found to be true by UMNO Disiplinary Committee) and Ali Rustam’s case! Maybe the MACC should emulate the MACC Penang ‘s working procedure so that all these cases can be expedited.

2. Good Ole Najib - May 28, 2009

Lucky for Barisan Nasional Penang, as they have not accepted this Minah character into their fold. Otherwise they will probably be in deep shit. Datuk Seri Najib has made a bright decision this time around not to be drag into the by-election and not stating a stand to support those who have got no principle such as this leaping minah!

3. Patrick - May 28, 2009

Another smart politician putting herself up for sale, the cost is RM80,000, some suggest Rm8mil, so anything between will be accepted. Of course, more spinning cost more, the whole idea is making money, lots and lots of money, who cares about a position only out to serve the ungrateful people.

BN ‘s state position is definitely more lucrative and safe from corruption charges and police harassment.
Whereas PR’s position is not safe at all, not from corruption, not from the police and definitely not from within (read the transcript)

This is business, very lucrative one too, nothing personal, so do not take it too hard, guys!. Very sure Kak Min will treat you guys after payment, dont worry, this time round not at her house but big fancy restaurant.

4. mr m - May 31, 2009

pkr, pr, pas, dao, umno, bn, ppp, mic, mca or any party. all the same. their leaders are thinking about themselves. look at taib mahmud in sarawak. when is he ritiring ah?? mau mati ats kerusi ka??

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