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Another Stinking Revelation About Anwar May 25, 2009

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THE truth about Anwar Ibrahim is that he is not remorseful over his past sins and misdeeds.

Power, money, command and psyche war are his political games. You name it and he is good at it. But he is not regretful and would not repent over what he has done to other people and the country.

The latest expose about Anwar was made by his former Wanita state chief, Aminah Abdullah, at her election bangsal (makeshift election centre) in Kubang Ulu, Bukit Mertajam, just couple of hours ago.

Aminah who is contesting the Penanti by-election revealed that Anwar had sent two PKR state leaders to offer her the Deputy Chief Minister 1 post, left vacant by Mohamed Fairus Khairudin, if she withdrew from the by-election.

The former PKR Penang Wanita chief said the two leaders met her at her house in Jelutong on May 13 about noon.

“I have all the evidence in CD and will distribute to the media soon to tell the people the truth about this man named Anwar Ibrahim,” she said.

Aminah accompanied by her husband Mohd Rofi and her eldest daughter Hernanie, 25, said she was also offered the Penang Municipal Coucil president’s post if she won in the by-election and PKR’s candidate Dr Mansor Othman lost.

She said she was also offered RM80,000 in compensation for the monies she had so far spent as preparations for the by-election.

Aminah said her family members were witnesses to the meeting between her and the two PKR leaders and had recorded the full meeting which lasted about three hours.

She said the same leaders also met her again twice after that, one at her house and another at an office in Seberang Jaya within a week.

“The offer was made as they claim that Dr Mansor is a weak and unpopular leader and might lose in the by-election,” she added.

Well, this is not a conspiracy as always claimed by the boy who cries wolves. This is the truth and another painful revelation about Anwar.

He claims to promote good governance, transparency, justice and blah, blah, blah and all sorts of grandmother stories.

He condemned Barisan Nasional and the Government for money politics and cronyism..

Well, use your head and astute wisdom and thoughts when you make judgment about Anwar.



1. Fedup - May 25, 2009

Ya we all know that Anwar is talking through his arse .. so what’s new!

2. super hero - May 25, 2009

let the expose continues la bro..new or old is not the issue. kita mau tau lagi pasal pak anwar brahim al juburi ni

3. Penantian - May 25, 2009

Hi everyone, this Aminah lady pun satu, are we sure its not one of Anwar’s trick? Jaga-jaga jangan kita yang kena tipu. Anwar it amat licik macam belut hanya Tun M saja yang dapat kawal dia.

4. Rakyat - May 25, 2009

PR must be seen to have the highest integrity and sincerity of the first order (are they?) or else PR will failed miserably to get the respect due from the Malays in Penanti. Actually their only concerns are popularity and political posts for personal gains, not the rakyat.

5. Watcher - May 26, 2009

I agree. PR becoming less and less pakatan rakyat. Its more like Politik Rakyat. The people are being manipulated into their political games. 1 year, and all they brought so far is instability to this country.

6. Forever Pakatan - May 26, 2009

Are you its them that is making the political situation unstable or is it the Barisan Nasional? Basically PR played into their hand without a choice, first the BN guy crossover then the PR guys (including the handicap women) crossover… isn’t this preplanned? What about the Judge rule in PR’s favour … so that they praise the judge like the cross over, but then again the court of appeals rules in BN’s favour … isn’t this a regular pattern? Guys just think about it?

7. hello BRO - May 27, 2009

hello u all bros..just tell me what have PR done for the rakyat. list them plz..all i know is pr leaders are playing politics just like kids playing their toys..what have anwar done for u all and the country. Nothing..TOLOLKAN RAKYAT AND TIPU RAKYAT..

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