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PAS Calling Umno Black May 16, 2009

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The Pot Calling The Kettle Black. They condemned Umno and its leaders for promoting money politics but that peccadillo has now reared its ugly head in PAS.

For umpteenth years PAS leaders has accused UMNO for blemishing the party with money politics and even speculated that UMNO is doomed to extinct after the next General Election.

The same leaders who damned UMNO are now astounded over the same problem in their party although some of them are denying or claiming to be unaware of it.

PAS Ulamak Council chief Datuk Mohamad Daud Iraqi has admitted that he is worried that money politics has begun to inlay in the party which claims to be upholding Islamic principles and values.

PAS will be holding its general assembly and election next month in Shah Alam where delegates will pick their new leaders to head the Islamic party for the next three years.

Mohamad Daud even confirmed that that a candidate eyeing for position in the assembly had offered material gratification to get support.

The case highlighted by Mohamad Daud is only a tip of the iceberg. I believe there are many other cases involving money to get support which had gone unreported.

They are only human beings and of course, they will just do anything to be at the top.

In fact, the issue whether the ulamaks or professionals should lead PAS is another example that power struggle is imminent in the assembly.

Are they really Islamic in that sense (gratification and power struggle) and practicing the Al-Quran and Sunnah as was being practiced by Prophet Muhammad.

I think there is not much difference between PAS, DAP and PKR. The only noticeable difference is that most PAS leaders have beard and are wearing turbans or skullcaps while those in DAP and PKR are masked to fool the people.



1. hj shamsuri - May 16, 2009

salam. ana rasa terpanggil untuk memberi sedikit komen mengenai isu ini. yang nyata masih belum ada bukti kukuh lagi mengenai rasuah dalam parti pas. masih cakap-cakap sahaja. ana harap kita todak cepat menuding jari dan menuduh tanpa bukti dan secara melulu. wasalam

2. mas merah - May 16, 2009

salam tn haji…i think u shud not hide the truth that pas is now besieged with money politics. please admit that your party leaders are power craze too. i dont think they follow what rasullulah had asked them to do. to follow the holy quran and sunnah. do you think what pas leaders are doing now i.e. slandering the government leaders are encouraged in islam. tell me haji.what about calling umno leaders infidels???

3. Dr Novandri Hasan Basri - May 17, 2009

Salam tn Haji,

The statement came from the Pas leader himself & he is one of the highest ranking in PAS. The story WAS NOT created by any of BN leaders.

You must know when to believe or not and this one stamped on PAS forehead by their own leader.

Do you want all of us to believe you that Mohd Iraqi is telling lies?

And please tell all your explanation as above to Mohd Iraqi himself but I don’t think your are brave enough to do it.


4. Mat - May 17, 2009

New generation of PAS needs and aspirations are now totally different from 30 years ago. They are now living in a very complex and sophisticated world and must adjust accordingly and corruption comes in many forms. As long as human have desire and greed to attain something through dishonest means, they are all just the same!

5. Mizie - May 17, 2009

Thats why I’m saying that we Malaysian are completely missing the point. Its not about political parties, its not about races, its about greed, greed and greed. Whoever has tasted the power will want more, ask PAS Selangor for all the goodies and oversea trips in the past month and ( including golf in the itenenary? somebody say la ). Now that PAS controlling few states, it quite normal la to have power struggle.

Outside politics, when people armed with monopoly, they manipulate all the prices, chicken, flour, etc, making millions every day. When the price dropped, they burnt all the chicken rather than give away to charity. What is that if not greed. And hey, nobody fight this type of injustice like they do to UMNO. Those monopolist are so holy karr?

I would say that PR gaining ground mainly due to the short-sighted Malay, who’d thought that they’ve been to half the globe and ready to compete with the well-networked of so-called allies. I’d say go to Penang first and see if you can compete there.

6. Rakyat - May 17, 2009

You are right guys! Ironically, we understand the fact that only through working hand in hand by all race can make Malaysia become a great country. It can never be achieved with perennial problem caused by the implementation of race-based policy. A fair society will enhance cooperation and harmony that is crucial for Malaysia. So, are we there yet?

7. sledge hammer - May 17, 2009

while aagreeing with most of U, we have not seen, feel or taste what is rightful and in store for us from BN and the government. while we agree most with najib, we have have yet to see him translate all his words into action. we do not mind giving najib the support if it is all genuine. the chinese too much play their role. i do not see the chinese doing so. what actually you want?

8. mamu tanjung - May 17, 2009

mamu nak bagi pendapat la..mamu dok tengok orang pas di penang dok berebut nak jadi YB Penanti. kejha tak buat, tapi heboh dok bagi tau tak puas hati sebab pkr dr mansoq dapat bertanding di penanti. buat la kejha dulu. ni dak. dok tak puas hati tak habhis2. ni ka pas punya perjuangan.mampuih kalau depa dok main politik lagu ni….

9. Jimmy - May 17, 2009

I tend to agree with Sledgehammer to a certain extend. But on the whole, we must agree that the BN government had done the nation some good, but could have done better when they were in power. I think Najib is currently struggling to make Barisan Nasional deliver their menifesto but any result is yet to be seen. To date its lots of talk and very little outcome. Basically the rakyat don’t want to hear about your good policile but WANT RESULTS!

10. c.t.chong - May 17, 2009

the chinese just need to secure business. there is too much politics now. i think anwar is leading us to nowhere. hope bn will walk the talk. our rice bowl more important than politics and who is up there. cheers.

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