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What Is The Difference Between Hindraf, Pak Lah and Anwar Ibrahim? May 12, 2009

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HINDRAF? What Hindraf? What is Hindraf actually? A movement, that was banned, created to cause havoc, mayhem and destruction to the country and life of the rakyat?

They claimed to be the champion of the Indians in the country. I do not think so and I believe most of the Indians agree with me.

The Indians do not demonstrate, riot or cause problems when the leaders of the illegal movement were under ISA detention.

So, what cause are they championing?

The attitude of the leaders of this unlawful organisation speaks volume of their arrogance, self-importance and haughtiness.

The outlaw movement’s legal adviser P. Uthayakumar was not remorseful when he was released from ISA detention. He said he did not thank the government for releasing him ahead of his scheduled release.

Another Hindraf bloke M.Manoharan said he was filing an RM100mil defamation suit against the government, Home Minister and others over his 17-month detention.

Preposterous isn’t it? Have they forgotten about the untold damages they had caused when they amassed Indians and led them to riot before they were arrested.

What happened to the purported memorandum sent by these self-appointed blokes to the Privy Council over allegations that Indians in this country were discriminated, killed in mass and oppressed.

What do these blokes actually want? What is actually the philosophy and thrust of their struggles?

Uthayakumar’s brother, P. Waythamoorthy who is in self-exile in London, said he wants to return home. This Moorthy also said he was worried about his brother’s health.

Well Moorthy, whoever and wherever you are, no one had forced you to go to London for your so-called self-exile. No one had asked you to become a hero or champion for the Indians and no one actually bothers what you are actually doing in London.

You have to bear the consequences of your own action and please be remindful that there are more than 15mil Malays in this country who are also crying and screaming for attention. Their patience is just like a time bomb and is ticking very fast.

Do you think they, and most of the Indians for that matter, care much about your struggles and aspirations? Both of you were just lucky to be there at the right time and place.

I hope the Government will be tough and hard-hitting when dealing with these hoodlums. Why should the Government bend over and accede to demands of these hooligans. Their illegitimate cause does not bring any benefits to the society, especially the Indians, and the country.

The people are getting irritated, annoyed, fed-up and depressed with the endless political turmoil in the country as they are now grappling with the economic crunch.

Can you tell the difference between Hindraf, Pak Lah and Anwar Ibrahim? It is very difficult to tell the difference between them but obviously, they have something very much in common. DESTROYING OUR BELOVED NATION.



1. Light - May 12, 2009

Darkest, light and darker in the exact order?

2. Rakyat - May 12, 2009

All in the name of MONEY and POWER. The game is over and we are tired of this kind of chaotic politiking and this grave error will take until the next election to be rectified. It is a mistake that caused severe damage to many especially Rakyat.

3. Malaysian - May 13, 2009

Dear Mr Blogger, I have followed your blog for quite sometime now and have also formed an opinion about your inclination, nevertheless sometime I find it very amusing that you more often than not feel that others are obligated to observe your ways. I hope that you will understand that Malaysia as a multi-cultural nation have people of different beliefs and culture and these elements influences their actions. For instance, why should those Hindraf blokes thank the government for releasing them when in the first place they think that the government had detained them illegally. If you ask their opinion, they think that the government owes them an apology for the 17-months detention! You might not agree, but go and ask them! I am not supporting their cause but its ridiculous for you to think that you should thank someone that had punished you when you don’t believe that you should be punish in the first place!
For whatever its worth, I think we all should not continue to look only for personal gain but support a wholesome solution so that peace and prosperity can prevail in this lovely nation of ours!

Dal - May 16, 2009

Cubit peha kiri peha kanan terasa eh? You must be one of the hooligans who were left behind by Waythamoorthy when he had a good time oversea.

Go thank Moorthy for playing you for a sucker.

4. Hung Fei Hung - May 13, 2009

I strongly believe that the police MUST be neutral and apolitical in carrying out their duties. When they are then all those who have faulted the law must be arrested and put behind bars. It doesn’t whether they are UMNO, PKR, DAP, YBs or YABs. I am sure the regular rakyat can evaluate for themselves and will support the police if their action is seen as fair. I don’t think much had change in the police force since Mederka and only lately the general rakyat perceive that police action is unfair. So guys, in whatever you do, make sure that you are seen to be fair to all rakyat not just you guys! If the majority of the rakyat thinks or perceive that your action is for the good of the nation they will definitely support you in what ever you are doing.

5. Concerned - May 13, 2009

Hei if these Hindarf Blokes thinks that they(the indians) are being marginalised then the should file a suit against the government. They must understand that the others who got up to the top or got rich does not do it by exploiting anyone else but themselves. While they are having a beer or enjoying early nights the others were busy planning for the next day or even working! That’s how they get what they owned. Even Mr Karpal Singh (not that I like him) got his fame in courts because he toils through the legal papers when you guys were partying or enjoying life! So what is there to complain about? And please stop talking about the Kugan issue, yes if he is murdered the police is wrong but look at the numbers of victim that was terrorized by the like of him? Who is fighting for their rights. And don’t be stupid, do you think if the police were politely asking this Kugan characters and his likes what he did, would he say anything? We are not even sure that he didn’t get those injuries before his arrest. Just imagine if the policeman was asking him questions in a comfortable office with a cup of coffee, wouldn’t be nice? I am sure you would accuse the police as Mr Kugan’s accomplice. I am sure all the policeman in the country would like to be nice fellas drinking coffee with the suspect during Q&A instead of interrogation! and I am sure it wil turn Malaysia into the WILD WILD EAST!

6. Mizie - May 17, 2009

Indian are not marginalised, they are lazy and cannot be trusted that’s all. They only have themselves to blame. Correct that, and they’ll be okay, just like thousands of Indian professionals.

Chinese pulak, I’m not sure why they are complaining, most of them are filthy rich already , probably they’re opportunist especially when they see a lembu like RPK who willing to fight for their cause Free of Charge.

Malays are always open, they even appointed chinese and indian to be directors of their companies, even PKNS has Chinese as a CEO. I’ve yet to see Malay offered the important post in Companies like Hong Leong, Public Bank etc except few patung as a Chairman, soon will be fired once the govt remove the requirement. And certain economic sector where Chinese monopolise, almost impossible for others to penetrate. So who is racist here. I wont say anything about the daily kiasu that we have to face everyday due to these “bangsa yg takde adab”, on the road, in supermarket, everywhere, I’m so sick and tired of these people la. Please la Malaysian, count your blessings !! Instead of complaining, complaining and complaining.

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