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Are You Deaf And Dumb? May 9, 2009

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ARE YOU DEAF AND DUMB? Can’t you hear that the people are screaming for your attention? What’s wrong with you guys (in MIC, MCA, PPP and Gerakan)?

I am flabbergasted when I think how dumb and smug you all can be. While Najib is making his walkabouts, walking his talk and meeting the people, I do not understand what are you guys still waiting for.

Do you know that Anwar Ibrahim has mobilised his supporters, charting his political plans and future and activated his machinery to achieve his 1Dream of becoming Prime Minister after the 13th GE?

Are you all still in your slumber? Have you not learned your lessons well after losing five states in the last general election? I don’t know if there is other earth-shattering moment that can awaken you from your slumber?

In short, what I am trying to say here is that none of the component parties in the Barisan Nasional coalition has not done anything to match what Anwar is doing now.

Tell me a programme, if any, that BN members have embarked on to regain the people’s confidence, win their hearts and minds and restore BN’s battered image after the last GE.

Except jabbering on reforms and changes, none has been put into action. Tell me if you guys have achieved any results in your so-called reforms and changes.

Three years, to the next GE, is not too long and if this culture of complacency still persists among BN leaders, they can kiss good-bye to their hope of winning in the next GE.

Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau by-elections, both won by PAS and PKR, should be a barometer for them to plot strategies, plug loopholes and tighten nuts and bolts in their battle against PR.

The least they could do is to make their presence felt in each constituency. But what have they done? Nothing.

They come in droves and amass at coffee shops, restaurants, operation centres and hotels whenever there is a by-election.

They also wait for ang pow packets and meet old buddies. How many of them really work and make efforts to woo voters to support their candidate (BN)? Only a handful of them I guess.

While Anwar and his machinery are working extra hard to exterminate BN in the 13th GE, his nemesis, particularly in Umno, seem to be unperturbed over the looming threat.

The people are beginning to have confidence in Najib over his 1Malaysia aspirations, the PM for all races, People’s First and Performance Now slogan, his Walkabout sessions to be close to the rakyat and listen to their problems, his no-frills functions for Cabinet Ministers etc, etc, etc.

Soon, the confidence will fizzle out if these leaders are still dozing and snoozing.



1. Observer - May 10, 2009

I guess you are right. The others other than the PM is actually not doing much t reflect 1Malaysia. UMNO, MCA, MIC PPP and also the whole government should be looking at ways to realise 1Malaysia instead of ways to protect their own interest when PM force through the 1Malaysia concept. Basically they are only looking after their own interest and not even the community!

2. Anti Hindraf - May 10, 2009

Ya … to date nothing seemed to have been done except the freeing of some hindraf leaders. But is freeing them fair, well, if the police feels that they are a treat to peace and well being of the society, then it would serve Malaysian better if they stay behind bars! Do you think releasing the Hindraf leaders are fair? It is the other way around. In the first place why arrest them if they are no threat to national security? If they are then keep them behind bars!

3. Rakyat - May 10, 2009

The results at the previous election shows that even a candidate from PAS are getting the support of the non-Malays. That is something which is very hard to believe in 10 years ago. But if BN stay true to the course and find the way to please the people in this critical situation, then i guess there is still hope for BN in the next General Election but if they still in deep slumber lullaby and fighting jab stabbing like now, it seems the most of the non-Malays (i don’t say all) have turn their backs on BN and supported Anwar’s low-life opposition party. We can draw this conclusion that quite a large percentage of the electorate of all races have this perception that they have finally found a multi-racial political party, the PR, which they believe can take the country to greater heights, and thus escape from being trapped in racial and racist politics for good. I personally don’t want to see Anwar become’s the next PM if BN falls in the next general election. But do Rakyat have choice if BN still behaving like this? DSN’s concept of 1 Malaysia hopefully is well thought off. A fair society will enhance cooperation and harmony that is crucial for Malaysia.

4. masterpiece - May 10, 2009

people’s power is great. bn must realise this. they should not sit up there and syok sendiri. we are watching you. what you are doing and what you have done. dont just talk. just do it. and without the frills please.

5. rakyat bosan - May 10, 2009

aku dah tak tau ape nak cakap lagi dengan berok-berok umno ni. dah terang lagi bersuluh, tapi tak sedar-sedar lagi

6. spotlight - May 10, 2009

they only help you when there is some cerita in the newspapers lah bro. but never do it on their own initiative. kick them out..hahaha!!!

7. samuel - May 10, 2009

lets forget and leave them behind. lets help najib build this nation if we love our country. lets forget about anwar or those not interested to jump on najibs bandwagon. anyway, ythey dont make any difference to us

8. Perakians - May 11, 2009

I guess you are right to some extend Samuel, but as Malaysian we will be affected somehow so we have to work out what is best for our country and play our part. Everyone has their own version of the story, but which is more credible? We should evaluate it objectively then decide who we should work with. Never support blindly, may it be PR or BN. Look at Perak, its too late to play the finger pointing game now to help anyone party salvage their pride or gain some mileage. I think it has gone too far into the mess that it’s too difficult to salvage the situation without either party looking tremendously stupid! Nevertheless we expect the Yang Berhormats to resolve the issues immediately because the state is in a chaotic state since the take over by Zambri’s team. One word of caution, when you play the political game, please don’t think that the other party is stupid! All the strategies and counter strategies are ok, but underestimating your opponent’s strength is detrimental! So guys buck up!

9. jojo - May 11, 2009

i guess they won’t loose anything..either way they win..doesn’t matter who’s in power..understand what i’m trying to say (wink..wink..)

10. Humourous - May 12, 2009

Zambri had his laugh some months ago, Nizar had his laugh this morning let’s wait and see who has the last laugh.

11. Silver Citizen - May 12, 2009

Humourous, do you think this is a laughing matter. Must have your brains in your (you know what). These are state affairs… Sadly its coming to become a circus lately. As a Malaysian I find it sad and embarrassing instead of amusing. I hope they all will come to their senses soon before our country get destroyed but these clowns!

12. Ipoh mali - May 12, 2009

Yeh, the Court of Appeal grants Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir the stay of execution, so the “real” menteri besar is who? In the first place, the High Court say its Nizar, the Court of Appeal says hold that decision, who is the Menteri Besar now? What a big mess!

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