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Does Anwar Really Care About PAS? May 6, 2009

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WILL PAS help their comrades in Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat to win the Penanti by-election should the former fail to field a candidate?

PAS leaders in Penang are unhappy that their voices are not heard by the party’s top policy-making body, the so-called Dewan Syura Ulama.

They even claimed that the Dewan Syura Ulama is more than willing to lend ears to Anwar Ibrahim than their own leaders and members in deciding who should contest in the by-election.

Penang PAS deputy commissioner Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa is on fire when he told reporters at a Press conference that PKR had betrayed the trust of their supporters and is going against their own principles of democracy, transparency and good governance.

The sudden resignation of Fairus Khairuddin as Penanti assembly without good and valid reasons showed that PKR did not put importance on the support and voices of the people in Penanti.

“It is an act of betrayal. How can Fairus resign as and when he likes,” Mujahid said.

In short, what he is trying to say is that the seat does not belong to Fairus personally or PKR to inherit.

In fact, former Penang PAS youth leader Mohd Hafiz Mohd Nordin had made his stance clear before resigning from the post last week.

Mohd Hafiz was among the most vocal state leaders that want the party to contest in the by-election.

The question is, does Anwar bother or care much about the fuss the PAS leaders are making?

Anwar is busy lining up a series of by-elections by asking PKR state assembly representatives in constituencies he would determine to resign to gauge the people’s support for him before the next general election.

He has decided where these by-elections should be held, his battle plans and the effects of the by-elections.


The recent reshuffle in the PKR leadership made by Anwar will lead to more by-elections to accommodate news leaders appointed by Anwar.

We must remember that Anwar is a master in political strategy and a guru in the divide and rule stratagem.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has to make his moves fast. He must be well-informed by his political advisors on Anwar’s game or he will be history in the next general election.



1. kassimselamat2 - May 6, 2009

Anwar wants to be PM and nothing else or nobody else matters!

In the beginning,he wanted to be recognised and formed ABIM,shouting and championing the Islamic cause.

He then joined UMNO and screamed ketuanan melayu as the platform to achieve his ambition.He was sacked from UMNO.

After being released from jail,he suddenly drops the Islamic and Malay cause and screamed the Ketuanan Rakyat slogan.
He must now hold the reins of PKR and PAS,in order to get DAP to support him.Only with these 3 parties together can he be PM.

After he becomes the PM,he shall then show his true self and PAS together with DAP shall regret ever supporting him.

Even now he is beginning to show his dictatorial style and upsets Karpal,LGE and many PAS people.Not forgetting the many close aides of PKR that have left him.This is only the tip of Anwar’s iceberg.Be warned!

2. mamu tanjung - May 6, 2009

si anwar brahim ni memang manusia yang dilaknak oleh allah saw dan mereka yang meyokongnya turut akan dilaknak kelak. mamu pun tak faham pasai apa depa ni buta hati. anwar dok sembang kosong dan tipu, tapi depa dok nganga..tak faham mamu!!!

3. mamu tanjung - May 6, 2009

mamu dah dok ikut kisah blog ni lama dan apa yang ditulis di sini banyak kebenarannya..mamu harap kita orang islam dan melayu buka laha mata. allah bagi kita pikiaq, bukan lekiaq…

4. kokrakhong - May 7, 2009

anwar is not the answer, najib is not the favorite either. who should lead malaysia? lee kuan yew?

5. Puzzled - May 8, 2009

There are a few points that puzzled a few of my friends here, if the above claims are true, why don’t the police find the evidence and charged the above with treason? Or even better publish the proofs so that the rakyat can judge for themselves and vote them out of office in a snap poll which the ruling party can call at anytime. Don’t give the excuse of wasting money because more have been wasted in other things. I am sure the rakyat is not stupid and can evaluate for themselves. One thing that really needed to be addressed immediately by the government is to be honest with the rakyat, and not try to give excuses because by doing so you are going into a state of denial which does not give the opportunity to take corrective actions!

6. transformer - May 9, 2009

never this country experiences such a poltical turmoil soon after anwar was released from jail.. whose fault? pak lah la…that old man who is good for nothing..

7. super hero - May 9, 2009

who appointed pak lah? sape buat that blunder? a question we must ask..

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