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Why Barisan Should Forget About Penanti May 4, 2009

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THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL. Barisan Nasional will lose if the party decides to contest in the Penang by-election.

Have we forgotten how Anwar Ibrahim embarrassed Barisan and Pak Lah with an even greater majority when he won the Permatang Pauh by-election in August last year.
The PKR de-facto leader was returned to Parliament with a majority of 15,671 votes, exceeding the 13,388-vote majority won by his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in the March 8 general election.
Anwar garnered 31,195 votes to beat Barisan candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, who polled 15,524 votes, while Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia candidate Hanafi Hamat lost his RM15,000 deposit after getting only 92 votes. There were 447 spoilt votes.

Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had said that Barisan might not contest in the Penanti by-election as it would waste a lot of money, time and energy.

Tun Mahathir said Barisan should contest as the party should not disappoint its supporters in Penanti. For once, I don’t agree with Tun as Tun might not be aware the sentiments in Permatang Pauh or Penanti itself for that matter.

Let me tell you why Barisan should keep Penanti out.

The Malays are split with mostly supporting PKR. The Chinese voters too are not supporting Barisan as they want a change in the Government. They do not mind the gamble by changing government as gambling is thick in their blood and culture.

Permatang Pauh Umno is in disarray. Backbiting and infighting is still widespread in the division. It’s chief Datuk Abdul Jall Abdul Majid is a warlord in the division. No one can go against his words.

It is an open-secret that he and Seberang Jaya state assemblyman Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah cannot see eye-to-eye. Arif is being suppressed by Abdul Jalil and the latter wrote a five-page complaint letter about Arif to Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, who was Second Finance Minister then. Nor Yakcop is Tasek Gelugor MP and chair the state’s MTEN.

There was a long-list of money politics made against Abdul Jalil and the complaint letter was faxed to Tengku Ahmad Rithaauddeen who chairs the Umno disciplinary board but no action was taken against Abdul Jalil until today. I was told that two of the committee members in the board are Abdul Jalil’s close buddies.

Five committee members in the division, including vice-chairman and youth chief, staged a walkout during a meeting to set up its election machinery on April 21. They demanded Abdul Jalil to close ranks with Arif , Datuk Ahmad Saad and Datuk Pirdaus Ismail for the sake of unity. Abdul Jalil had left these three important leaders when he named his new line-up after winning the division chairman’s post. He even refused to invite them to sit as committee members in the machinery.

Abdul Jalil had named himself as the election director during the meeting. Ke knew very well that millions will be channelled directly to him for the by-election. He was also the Permatang Pauh by-election director where he received RM6mil from the party’s state treasury Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman.

He gave peanuts (RM200k) to Arif who was contesting against Anwar in the Mother Of All By-Elections and pocketed the rest

Except Ariif Shah, no Barisan leaders, especially from Umno, have done anything to show their sincerity and commitment or to be close to the people in Permatang Pauh after last year’s March 8 general election. People have totally lost faith in Umno Permatang Pauh. No amount of plea, prayers and money can win their hearts now.

Believe me, Barisan will lose “pants down” if the party contests in the by-election. And as long as Najib let Abdul Jalil to reign in Permatang Pauh, it will be a long battle for Umno to recoup the elusive Permatang Pauh and Penanti.

Below are some statistics to proof my hypothesis on the voting trend and why Barisan should leave out Penanti this time. Let us analysis and ponder.


Permatang Pauh by-election result



1. Anonymous - May 4, 2009

Whatever it is. Just don’t don’t be too complacent for they are very good in cheating.

2. menanti - May 5, 2009

true barisan will not win in penanti. people fed up already with datuk jalil and his gang. didnt do anything ti help us accept mau cepat kaya..to hell to datuk jalil and his gang. he can fly the kites

3. tinta emas - May 5, 2009

permatang pauh adalah satu contoh mengapa umno dibenci oleh rakyat sekarang. banyak lagi bahagian-bahagian lain yang mengalami masalah dan pemimpin yang sama. saya tidak nampak apa-apa yang dibuat oleh pemimpin-pemimpin bahagian umno untuk menyahut saranan dan melaksanakan dasar-dasar baru datuk seri najib. saya hanya lihat najib terkontang-kanteng seorang lihart melaung-laungakan semangat dan aspirasinya, di mana pemimpin2 umno yang lain. Adakah mereka buta hati atau masih lena dibuai mimpi?

4. mamu tanjung - May 5, 2009

bukan mamu nak mengata tapi mamu kenai sgt tok jalil ni. cakap selalu tipu..kerja tak buat..duit sume masuk poket dia..lagu mana rakyat nak percaya sayang umno kalau tok jalil dok buat peranghai lagu ni..lingkup lagi ada la..ish…ish…ish

5. Iso - May 6, 2009

Well, what have you got to say? The cybertroopers should give these feed backs to their bosses so that they can take the necessary corrective actions before its too late!

6. Brendan - May 6, 2009

The trend of the by election result shows that PKR has the upper hand but who knows in the up coming by election we will see the tables turned. But what ever the outcome everyone should respect the rakyat of Penanti’s wishes without being overly concerned. After all a government cannot please every of its rakyat. As long as most of the rakyat is happy it should be okay!

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