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Penanti By-Election Is Looming And Nibong Tebal Is Next April 18, 2009

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ANOTHER by-election is looming in Penanti, Penang, following the resignation of former Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mohammad Farius Khairuddin as the state assemblyman on April 16.

It will be the sixth by-election after last year’s March 8 general election, three of which due to resignation of PKR representatives. The Penanti by-election will not be the last in Penang as another PKR Penang leader and MP is expected to resign.

It has been made known that there are two PKR state leaders who are involved in connection with taking bribes from quarry operators in Penanti, Bukit Mertajam. The media had exposed the name of one of them while the identity of the other leader had been kept secret by Anwar Ibrahim.

Fairus who claims that he was framed by his own party friends had threatened to expose “inside stories” of the party and the state government if they did not clear his name.
Well, this is an interesting development. I believe there is a lot of filth and dirt that Fairus wants to clean up in public about his boss Anwar and Lim Guan Eng. He would not have issued the threat if he was not there with them.

If you want to know, the other PKR Penang leader who has been implicated in the corruption along with Fairus is TAN TEE BENG, the MP for Nibong Tebal. He is the son of the former MPPP and Penang Gerakan president Datuk Tan Gim Hwa. Talks are rife that Tee Beng may also be charged for working in cohort with the quarry operators in covering up their illegal activities.

The people are tired with by-elections which are not doing any good to improve the country’s economy. While Najib is trying his level best to steer the country to economic recovery, political stability and build efforts to realise the 1Malaysia concept, his nemesis in PKR is busy politicking and finding ways to disrupt peace and stability of our country.

Well, I hope the rakyat will tell Anwar that enough is enough. The Penanti by-election is the best place for them to snub him.



1. Rakyat - April 19, 2009

Thought no more by election. We are tired of this kind of Pakatan Rakyat childish way of playing games.Nobody gains. Do you realise election uncertainty costs money!

2. Angry Malaysian - April 19, 2009

Well if the Federal Government can get down to business and truly govern fairly instead of playing sendiwara all the time there would not be any by-election! Look at Ali Rustam, found guilty by UMNO yet the MACC is not acting on it. Unfortunately the so call MACC is acting on other individuals! If UMNO has no evidence on Ali Rustam then they are being unfair and had ulterior motives and MACC should act on those whom have cheated otherwise they should take action on Ali Rustam! What kind of shit are they talking? So you think we should support the sendiwara government?

3. Cybertrooper - April 19, 2009

Everyone knows, even PM and his DPM that if it goes to the polls today, they will be completely wipe out and Pakatan Rakyat will be government. So you guys cut out all the talking and get back to work so that you guys can remain in the government on the PR-13! I’m sure Pakatan will beat Barisan hands down in Penanti!

4. John Doe - April 19, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim is what he is and he is answerable to god himself, so why are you guys harping on it. Probably you have done more sinful things than he has but are good at keeping those things under cover! But god almighty knows all so wait till judgment day!

5. Penang Nites - April 19, 2009

Hei you guys, if Pakatan Rakyat is sincere about the rakyat’s welfare they should have been more serious in selecting their representative in the Penang State government instead of Anwar’s cronies! Due to that fact all the penangnites are suffering NOW! He is only thinking of his own glory in winning by-elections instead of the well-being of the penangnites!

6. Malaysian Chinese - April 19, 2009

As a Chinese I think our TPM has got carried away when he commented on the Bukit Gantang By-Election. By saying that the Chinese is ungrateful to Barisan Nasional is utter rubbish because whatever the government does is their responsibility. But the rakyat has got no obligation to vote for anyone party! He mus understand the way the rakyat feel, because the rakyat has the right to determine the composition of the government through their vote. Unless he can prove to us that by giving Barisan a bigger majority, they can ensure that our rights and history is properly preserved they can forget about us supporting them! Anyway lets see how they do with the new leadership! its not too late to kick them out if they cannot deliver their promises in the 13-PR! In the mean time, I appeal to all the Chinese voters to support Barisan to give them the support they require to make the changes!

7. cd - April 19, 2009

hidup bn

8. cd - April 19, 2009

no need to election

9. Kita Orang - April 19, 2009

I strongly agree with Malaysian Chinese that all parties should get down to seriously doing their job and stop pointing fingers at the other party. If you have done your job well as the government then I’m sure that the rakyat will support you in the general elections, otherwise you’ll be kick out. As representative of the rakyat, they should do what the rakyat will and not what they THINK the rakyat want! Its very unfortunate that their thoughts are not what the rakyat thinks. So work harder so that we have a better nation. he rakyat will know who to vote for when times comes!

10. Penanti Voter - April 19, 2009

You think Barisan Nasional really won’t participate in the Penanti By-Election? Probably they’ll field a calon bebas. I am sure they won’t miss an opportunity to try and beat Pakatan in their so called own game!

11. AnnaHopn - April 21, 2009

I have already seen it somethere…
Have a nice day

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