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Eli wong Moral Issue-How Do We Explain to Our Kids? April 16, 2009

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Our new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak took less than a week to unveil his 28-member Cabinet team after he was sworn in. He also named 40 deputy ministers.

In is a stark contrast, Anwar Ibrahim could not even name the new Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 after the one-week deadline given to him expired last Wednesday.

And the worst part is that he has only two candidates to choose from, his PKR state exco member Abdul Malik Abul Kassin or his Sungai Bakap state assemnlyman Maktar Shafee.

And yet, he could not even make up his mind. I reserve my comments on this as it clearly shows how incapable, indecisive and unqualified he is as a leader. I believe he is troubled and disturbed by his impending sodomy trial which will be heard soon.

A leader who is tainted will remain “stained and contaminated” for the rest of his/her life. No amount of regrets and guilt can cleanse the leader. This is the case of Bukit Lanjan state assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong who was stained after her nude pictures were circulated in the Internet forcing her to relinquish her state assembly post and resign as state assemblywoman on Feb 17.

Barely two months after that incident, the Bukit ter”Lanjan”g state rep is back in business and claimed that she has been stripped bare publicly, by force and against her will. Who stripped her in the first place? I don’t think anyone had stripped her.

Don’t you think that it was her own doing for showing her nakedness to her ex-boyfriend. She should not have blamed other people or circumstances for her own folly and stupidity. She is not a 10-year-old girl that needs to be told what is wrong and what is right. She is 37-year-old and a spinster For God’s sake, do we need to tell her to dress decorously when you are with another man who is not your husband.

Well, that is what Pakatan-Rakyat all about. They are quick to make judgment of immorality if it involves leaders from the ruling Government. What else can we say. I pity the Bukit Lanjan constituents for having a representative with forked tongue and whose moral is highly questionable.

So, what are you going to tell your kids if they ever asked you this question?



1. Selangoreans - April 17, 2009

Dear writer, don’t be too quick to condemn DS Anwar Ibrahim, like our Prime Minister’s statement to the nation, “We ought to accept, respect and value people who are different from us and judge them on merit, without fear or favour. We have the responsibility of ensuring that equal opportunities are available to all. No single segment of society should have a monopoly over another.” let’s support YAB and accept DSAI’s slowness as he is VERY DIFFERENT from the normal efficient people. Similarly our VERY LOVED Eli Wong, I think she is definitely very different from most Malaysians who have high moral values and are not exhibitionist, probably she’ll get into the Malaysian Books of Records for having the most kinky photos published in the net and very comparable to the triple x pornographic sites. Maybe we should exploit this area to revive our economy! Tansri Khalid should look into marketing this area as all the movies are done and no further investment is needed!

2. Juz' look - April 18, 2009

Well at least Eli Wong victory for represent first Malaysian most kinky exco state member in history as the give some sort of benchmarking for all Pakatan Rakyat ladies . Praise for the Mentri Besar Selangor

3. undixcaya - April 20, 2009

i like kinky ADUN……….

4. drafunt - April 21, 2009

Same way all the BN especially MCA guys explain to their wives and kids about the good moral example shown by Chua Soi Lek la!.

5. chong geok Mei - April 22, 2009

Come on. Who are you to judge Eli. Are you squeaky clean yourself??? “Let those who are without sin cast the first stone.” Obviously she had been played out – there is such a thing as date rape. Somebody puts a drug in your drink and when you are in a stupor anything can be done to you and you’ll be too weak to resist. Anyway, I believe this is a conspiracy by BN politicians to dirty her image. Why don’t you criticize Najib as he was caught for Khalwat in a Port Dickson hotel some years ago. Are you applying double standard???

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