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The Return of The Crooked@Scenic Bridge April 15, 2009

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Crooked Bridge

Crooked Bridge

Will the Crooked or Scenic Bridge project be revived under Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak? This is a question many are asking now.

Lately, Tun M said the bridge may be brought back to the limelight but Najib thinks otherwise.

Tun said the new CIQ complex in Tanjung Puteri, Johor Baru had created much controversy and congestion in traffic between Malaysia and Singapore.

Najib noted that while there may be some individual views about the project but there are legal ramifications to consider as well as the financial difficulties facing the government now.

However, there have been calls from businessmen and leaders of business communities and chambers of commerce asking the government o re-consider the project to revive what they termed as ailing economy in Johor.
Former premier Tun Mahathir unveiled the plan for the bridge to replace half the 500-m causeway between the neighbours in 2003, after Singapore rejected a plan to jointly build a bridge to replace the entire causeway.
Malaysia said its bridge, called the “crooked” bridge because of its convoluted design, would boost traffic flow and eases jams on its side of the 81-year-old causeway, allow ships to pass beneath and improve water quality by unblocking the strait.
The bridge is one of many issues that had strained ties between Malaysia and Singapore since their union ended.

Tun M then said he is “very happy” that finally a decision has been made for Malaysia to go ahead with the scenic bridge on its side of the Johor Strait.

The former prime minister is also not surprised that Singapore has not agreed to jointly build the bridge to replace the Causeway.

However, his happiness was short-lived when his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, now also Tun, rejected the plan. Tun M was virulent in his criticism of Badawi upon the rejection of the crooked bridge.

Singapore is in disagreement over the bridge due to the following official reasons:
1. It will affect Singapore’s economy
2. It will also disrupt the long standing water supply deal agreement between Malaysia and Singapore
3. It will be an environment disaster altogether
Tun M said the reasons given by Singapore were irrelevant and that the bridge should have been built a long time ago. He rejects the fact that due to the ‘water’ deal with Singapore, the nod of Singapore is needed to build even the Malaysian side of the bridge since this will affect the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore.
This included Malaysia’s obligations under the Johor-Singapore water agreements of 1961 and 1962, the Wayleave Agreements and the Separation Agreement 1965.

The main obstacle to the crooked bridge was that it would involve the demolition of the Malaysian side of the Johor Causeway. The demolition would directly affect the water pipeline located inside the Johor Causeway and water pipelines straddling the Johor Causeway in which the ownership is vested with the Public Utilities Board of Singapore.

It was reported that the crooked bridge was abandoned in order to prevent any scuffle between Malaysia and Singapore. Building it without the consent of Singapore would surely mean the disruption of the relationship between the two neighbours.

To this Tun M replied, “I have waited 22 years, and we still have not gotten the permission to even raise (the price of raw water sold to Singapore) from 3 sen to 4 sen.

So if you want to wait, you can wait until kingdom come,” he said.

In jest, Dr Mahathir said: “I thought it was ‘cynic’ bridge.. Is that how you spell it?”



1. deepthroat - April 15, 2009

Check this out! Mahathir, his son Mukhhriz and their cronies will benefit the most if the government decides to carry on with the project. A 35 years concession to manage the CIQ and the bridge is part of the project.

Guess who is the concessionaire? A company that Mukhriz, Matthias Chang and few others closed to ex-premier have interest in via proxies and nominees. The company will be raking in over RM 15 billions for the period of the concession. Ha ha…no wonder Dr M was so pissed when Abdullah decided to scrap rhe project.

Not just that. Malaysian Government will be in deep shit with all the legal ramifications and financial obligations. It will also be environmentally disastrous to both Malaysian and Singaporean shorelines.

Is it justifiable to go ahead with the project just to satisfy the greed and pride of one individual?

2. Ah Pek - April 15, 2009

So the old goat is actually a fox in sheep skin trying to fool us? Nevertheless I believe that Datuk Seri Najib is intelligent enough to implement the project and at the same time ensure that the concessionaire make a fair profit without being bias towards the old goat. Otherwise we’ll all be in deep shit!

3. all 4 najib - April 15, 2009

dont be so quick to make your own judgement and speculations. of course everything will be done transparent, including the agreement between the government and concessionaire. we criticised when tun m wanted to build the highways, penang bridge, klcc, putrajaya etc. who benefit from the projects now. WE, i guess. what happened to the double tracking project which was postponed by pak lah? it was revived isn’t? so dont make wild accusations as it will benefit the country and the people in the long run. have we forgotten that we lived in peace, harmony and economic propserous during tun m’s era. malaysia was known internationally for its relentless fight and voice for the third world during tun m’s rule So, Melayu jangan MUIDAH LUPA.

4. Deep Shit - April 16, 2009

You are right “all for najib” we should not be so judgmental, nevertheless if we are fooled once, shame on them, if twice then shame on you and if we make the same mistake more than twice then we deserve the punishment!

5. Dirnov - April 17, 2009

Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

6. Wan Suhaimy - April 21, 2009

Who will benefit from the bridge?not malay but Singaporean(chinese) and malaysia chinese businessman.Malay can only sell pisang goreng only at the LIDO bay.How come the government cannot raise up the raw water being sold to Singapore more than 4 cent.Singapula manyak pandai ..jika chinese take control of Malaysia especially State of Johor ,I think Singapore will get Free without anything to pay for the water..

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