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Bluff, Ruse and Sham. That’s Anwar Ibrahim April 6, 2009

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THE so-called supreme leader of Pakatan-Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim, is at his old antics again.

The man who cried wolf over his fictitious and failed September 16 takeover of the federal government is conning the people again at his Bukit Selambau election campaign last Saturday.

The people had enough of his bluff and stunts. Surprising, many others were still gullible and tricked by him when they came in droves for his ostensible “big announcement” at Dewan Hock Teik Soon in Sungai Lallang which did not happen in the end.

“I want to make the announcement but it is too dangerous to announce it tonight,” the harebrained leader told the crowd. Too dangerous? What absolute nonsense and rubbish.

I wonder why the people is so obsessed and fanatical with Anwar despite knowing that he has nothing to proffer them as a leader except a bunch of lies, ruse and sham.

Let’s face the truth that the country is now undergoing a transformation under the leadership of our new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

While Najib was spotted doing his city walkabout, minus the pomp and pageantry, less than 24 hours after being sworn-in to proof that he is indeed walking his talks, Anwar is still walking and talking in the boondocks.

Let’s forget about this man who can do nothing to country except “cries of wolves.”

Winning the three by-elections tomorrow will certainly give a boost to the government in addressing all economic and political challenges.



1. Bukan Anak Melayu - April 7, 2009

Yes, is true. My view towards Anwar is shaking now. After last year election, I and my friends always believe that Anwar will do something to make a change to the country, but after one year, we have no more confidence in him. So sad…

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