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The Four Gentlemen’s Agreement Broken By Pak Lah April 2, 2009

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I read with great interest and curiosity an article written by NST columnist Rehman Rashid to tribute Pak Lah published in the newspapers on Thursday (April 2).

I met Rehman back in 1985 but we did not really know each other as he left several years after that.

What caught my attention most about the article is on the part about the now mythical “gentlemen’s agreement” ostensibly accompanying the final transfer of power from Dr Mahathir to his successor Pak Lah on Nov 1, 2003, and apparently broken by Pak Lah weeks with the repeal of mega-projects initiated under his predecessor.

The cancellation of the “half-bridge” across the Johor Strait, the decision to rescind the double-tracking rail project, AND the sale of Proton’s Italian motorcycle subsidiary for One Euro were more than enough for Dr Mahathir to begin the implacable opposition to Abdullah he has maintained to this day, said Rehman.

I believe Rehman is hiding something and attempt to be polite and courteous to Pak Lah when he mentioned about the gentlemen’s agreement in the article.

He only mentioned THREE of the FOUR elements in the agreement which were all breached by Pak Lah immediately when he took office as Prime Minister.

I truly believe Rehman knows for sure the other constituent of the agreement, which if I could presume to be the main cause for BN’s miserable showing in the last general election, but he either purposely renounce to mention it or fear for any backlash if he mentioned it..

They are not made up stories but factual statements.

Let me tell you that the FOURTH element in the agreement that Pak Lah also broke was to free Anwar Ibrahim from jail.

Many were aware that Pak Lah’s son-in-law, KJ, was instrumental in helping Anwar out of the Sungai Buluh Prisons.

I wonder why Rehman is so afraid to state the truth about this.

If Najib is bold and courageous enough to make reforms and changes in Umno and the Government, I don’t see any reason why NST and a senior and seasoned writer like Rehman should still “kowtaw” to Pak Lah and KJ.



1. mahadett - April 2, 2009

not worth commenting on this article. Did your friend mentioned to you that Mahathir left a legacy of debts, we have to bear ? Did he mentioned to you who are the interested parties in the bridge project? Who is the concessionaire if it ever built, the company, the sharehoders, the proxies, the nominees, the period and the projected worth of the concession? Did he mentioned to you that the previous administration has agreed to award the double tracking project to whom; eventhough at a bloated cost? Did he also mentioned to you that monies had been paid out to certain people in power for approval of the project and cost added into the project cost? If so, what is the amount? As for the Italian venture by Proton, it was a failed undertaking, and if Proton held on the venture if will bring more problems to Proton as if Proton not already in deep shit. Why should Proton held on to the motor company just to save face Tengku Mahaleel, Mahathir blue eyed boy who ran Proton asif it is his own?

As for the fourth element as you yourself made the assumption, I have to gave PakLah my respect for not getting his hands dirty interfering in matters of the judiciary. It might be his biggest mistake or it might be his bravest decision. Whatever it was, it surely proved that Paklah is nothing like Mahathir, who was accussed of tarnishing and degrading the credibility of our judiciary.

Was there ever a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ between the two? Only God knows and the two. None of them ever clarify if there was one, and what was it all pertaining to.

2. Kuda Jalanan (KJ) - April 3, 2009

mungkin mahadett tidak berada di arus perdana politik sebenar negara ini dan tidak tahu perkara-perkara sebenar dan mutakhir di sebalik tabir pemerintahan manta pm pak lah. jadi kita tidak salahkan beliau kerana tidak tahu. mungkin juga beliau merupakan penyokong setia pak lah dan tidak menutup pintu hati dan mindanya akan perkara sebenar yang berlaku.
jika beliau mengkaji semula keputusan pilihanraya pada 2004 dan yang berlaku pada 2008, mungkin mahadett akan dapat membuat perbezaan yang amat jelas. well, the results show everything mahadett. thank you

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