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Guan Eng’s Magic That Turns Into Tragic April 1, 2009

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STOP talking and just do your work. This is the message from the people to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who has been blowing his own trumpet ever since he took over the state government in March last year.

He has been claiming to have accomplished too many things during the past one year and done wonders, but to date, nothing physical could be seen and felt by the people in Penang.

His magic wand seems to be not working on many things that it touched on.

His latest frenzy and obsession is about his “magic touch” that will turn Penang into a poverty-free state.

Despite his so-called magic touch, there are still many people who are still finding it difficult to meet ends, what more when the state, dubbed as the country’s Silicon Valley, is grappling with economic uncertainties.

His claims to have magic touch have actually turned into tragic. He should read the newspapers and find out the truth about Penang’s economic situation.

NEC Computers Asia Pacific Snd Bhd headquarters in the Bukit Tengah Industrial Estate in Penang, is closing down, reads the news in Starbiz today (March31).

NEC executive vice-president Bernard Saw said some 240 workers would be affected by the shutdown.

The 240 workers are from one company. What about other companies which had closed down and were not reported?

This is something that Guan Eng fails to see, a larger picture and perspective of the economic situation. It is not just about poverty which has existed for umpteenth years in Penang.

He is too obsessed with figures and numbers. The numbers of hardcore poor families, the numbers of households, the numbers of homeless people, the amount of funds, the amount of investments recorded in the state during his reign and blah, blah, blah…

But what about the numbers of people who have lost their jobs, the amount of investments the state had lost during the current economic crisis and the numbers of people who are still jobless, etc, etc, etc…

The truth is that Guan Eng only likes to hear good news about his state government and administration. He will rebuff anything that have negative connotation about him and his administrative style.

His recent instruction to ban NST from covering any state functions speaks volume of his so-called fight for Press Freedom.

But at the same time, he fails to see the amount of rubbish about the Barisan Nasional’s government published in his DAP’s Rocket newspaper…

That is the hypocrisy practised by Guan Eng and all his Pakatan-Rakyat cronies and friends. They are quick to penalise others who do not “kowtaw” or conform to their demands and command but they refuse to look into their own backyard which is full of filth.



1. Patiently Waiting for Slow Zambry! - April 1, 2009

Hi Mr Writer, I strongly support you saying that Lim should get back to work. Nevertheless, I think its not only him, people like Dr Zambry also sould start showing results instead of continue talking and going to courts! When he too over Perak, I thought that there will be tremendous change for the better … but at last its the same. Now things are worst, whatever application in the process during the PR government era is stalled due to the change. Trust me if there is still no improvement in the next few days we’ll give the Bukit Gantang mandate to PAS!

2. Penangnite - April 1, 2009

Good point, but who was ruling Penang for the last 50 years? Isn’t that part of their agenda and why hasn’t help the poor? Why has barisan nasional not help the hard core poor in the last 50 years when they are in power? I hope that Datuk Seri Najib can have time to look at the plight of the poor.

3. azreel hamzah - April 1, 2009

masa mula-mula jadi cm pi jumpa melayu di tanjong tokong..janji this and that…sekarang muka pon tak nampak..masa tak dak kuasa boleh condemn BN itu BN ini lepas tu tengok sama saja perangai..CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN..press freedom my ass, lim..

4. Grand Marquis - April 1, 2009

Dear Penangnite,

Are you calling yourself Penangnite when you blind by what is happening in Penang for the past 50 years? What is Intel, Motorola, HP, Dell, Seagate (2 factories), Globatronic, ACS and many more that we can name? Do you know what is FTZ? Who started it? When it was started? During the time of this Lim Guan Eng?

5. Penangnite - April 1, 2009

Dear Grand Marquis, kalau semua itu betul membasmi kemiskinan mana ada lagi yang miskin untuk dibasmi oleh LGE? 50 tahun tak selesai nak PKR selesai dalam setahun? Filir dulu ya!

6. Rajan - April 1, 2009

Excuse me , how can NEC be in trouble got to do with the state government? State your facts and not draw inferences. Sickening.

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